The Champions League is a Crucial victory for Real Madrid, and Zidane. ‘Los Blancos’ had a narrow 0-1 victory against Galatasaray. Eden Hazard was not at the top of the class, but provided the assist for the goal of the Duckweed. Courtois was on with a couple of excellent saves.

What Courtois is important for Real in the opening stages. Our national goalkeeper and picked up with very good saves on the two shots of the Andone – of the Madrid defence and looked not very good. The first real chance of the ‘Los Blancos’, was the right price. After a one-two with Benzema who would eventually become the Hazard is only to the point. He was able to get up to, but it was the infiltrated agent Duckweed from it. The division of the German week, and ended up in the goal: 0-1.

It gave the visitors the extra courage and took the game into his hands. Ramos said in addition to, the Hazard and decided on a Moments. But the best chance of the first half for the home side. Babel rising on the left, and the Real defense is that they were Belhanda is completely out of the question. A Moroccan, a Frenchman, took it out, but Courtois responded to the alert, and brought his team a narrow lead for the rest indook.

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After the break, it was a Real full on look at the 0 to 2. Moments had to rescue and bring on the shot of the Piece, and the Switch to which the two sought and found each other. In minute 65, it was that the team was in the game at all was able to make the decision. Benzema flicked the Switch is only for Moments. The Red Devil omspeelde the The net and could be done in an open-goal finish, but his level burst apart in in the sleeper. Are out of luck. Though this is still a goal to be there. Ten minutes later he was substituted.

Real Madrid gave a narrow advantage to more, and picked up a crucial victory. It is a heavy defeat, the Club Bruggetegen PSG climb ‘Los Blancos’ at the second place in group A. the Club will remain a one-point final.