Royalty-free Since Meghan Markle (37) has been in existence in Hollywood and left for a life at the British court, and there is a constant stream of vicious rumors, hurtful gossip, and negative headlines. The British tabloids, addressing the woman’s prince Harry (35), which will be hard, as well as the British public seem to Markle does not have to spare. But is that really the case? In a national survey of royalties, and modemagazine Tatler points out.

it’s Meghan Markle is constantly under attack, it’s now common knowledge.The price tag of $ 2.6 million for the renovation of their homes, to break the ties with her troubled father, Thomas. Comment on the use of a private jet to the alleged feud between her and Kate Middleton, it seems that there has long Markle in virtually everything they do will be put to the sword by the media and the British public.

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you can Still do the magazine Tatler that negative perspective. The magazine did what the British really think about the Markle, and carried out a national survey in which 2.016 British people surveyed were demographically representative of all adults in the country, to get an answer is to be given. The results are rather striking: “only” 39% of the surveyed British people would be Meghan Markle “hypocritical” to call it that, although many of the tabloids have been several times that mark gave.

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