A man from Lyubertsy taxi driver attacked, beat and robbed him

the Investigators find out details of assault on the capital of a taxi driver. On the eve of two men and a woman booked a trip to Lyubertsy, but on the road forced to stop the car, then beat and robbed the driver. And one of the attackers was a policeman. Now he’s under house arrest, from the bodies of man have been fired.

Attacked the taxi driver, the passengers were unaware that their actions are filmed for your witnesses. There was a verbal altercation, which quickly escalated into a fight. The driver knocked to the ground and began to beat feet and stick. Went to the car.

the Victim — 30-year-old Ruslan Khismatullin — said: in Kuntsevo to him in the cab sat two young men and a girl has asked to take in Lyubertsy. But on the way the order had to interrupt.

“during the journey, they behaved provocatively, swearing, pushing me. I understand that they are under the influence of any substances, — the victim tells. — I told them: guys, if you don’t stop acting this way, your trip will end. What I was told: “You know who we are? I am an employee! We’ll close the article!”

he was attacked by a Sergeant of police, 24-year-old Vladislav Panfilov. Together with a friend he not only beat the driver, and stole from the cabin 10 thousand rubles. Ruslan immediately called the police.

During the arrest the police officer resisted by their own colleagues. They were forced to shackle him in handcuffs.

Vladislav Panfilov who attacked a taxi driver, lives in Lyubertsy. Now he is under house arrest and the door nobody opens, no one to contact.

“the Behavior of a police officer this should not be. It’s the authorities, they have no right to behave so aggressively. It’s just an Orgy, some outrageous case!” — says the owner of a taxi company Benjamin Shahinian.

Investigators immediately started investigation and quickly found guilty.

“a police Officer dismissedYong out of the internal Affairs bodies on negative motives and will incur the statutory punishment. Its leaders will be brought to strict disciplinary responsibility”, — said Deputy head of information and public relations GU MVD of Russia in Moscow, Catherine, GUZ.

the Attackers were charged on two counts — assault and intentional damage of property. So Vladislav Panfilov, most likely, will lose not only work, but also freedom.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”