Dazn hat sich Anteile an den Bundesligauebertragungsrechten gesichtert Vergabe der Bundesliga-TV-Rechte Vergabe der Bundesliga-TV-Rechte Frankfurt *** Dazn has secured shares in Bundesliga broadcasting rights Allocation of Bundesliga TV rights Allocation of Bundesliga TV rights Frankfurt Copyright: xWeissx/Eibner-Pressefotox EP_rws

It was shocking news for football fans. At the beginning of July, the sports service Dazn announced that the prices for live football from the Bundesliga and Champions League would now also double for existing customers from EUR 14.99 to EUR 29.99. In order to see all games of the Bundesliga, a subscription to Sky is also required. A message from the pay-TV provider followed on Tuesday, which defuses the situation a little. Especially since a further 23.50 euros are added monthly for the Sky combination of entertainment, Bundesliga and sport.

“Just in time for the start of the 2022/23 season with the start of the second division next Friday, Sky and Dazn are making football fans in Germany an attractive and unique offer,” the statement said. Behind this is a combination package with a reduced price.

Instead of having to pay more than 50 euros a month, the competitors offer the combined offer for a term of 12 months at a price of 38.99 euros a month. This results in a price advantage of 156 euros, the sports TV providers calculate. However, the offer has a catch. It is limited in time until September 30, 2022 and initially applies to new customers.

That’s not the only toad football fans have to swallow, however. Because to be able to see all Champions League games, you need a subscription to both Dazn and Amazon Prime.

Amazon took over the rights from Sky with effect from the 2021/22 season. To see the games of the European premier class on Amazon, the normal Prime membership is sufficient. Amazon Prime currently costs 69 euros as an annual price and 7.99 euros as a monthly price. However, after a recent adjustment to the terms of use, experts are anticipating a price increase for this provider as well.