A hat-trick Manziana brought calgary a victory over the

In the regular season of the National hockey League played another match. The club “calgary Flames” took on its site “Anaheim ducks” in persistent struggle has won with the account 6:4. The best match was the canadian forward, “lights,” Andrew Manian, who scored three goals.

Rivals long “harnessed”, but when the away player Henrik on 25 minutes opened the scoring for the team so quickly, “went”, that threw in the second half a goal on average for 3.5 minutes. Barely Marzipan scored his first goal as a duck after shots of Silverberg and deslauriers went ahead 3:1.

the Owners gave chase and managed 10 minutes with 44-to 54-th turn the game in their favor, scoring four goals scored Marzipan, Bennett, Tkachuk and Monaghan. In the end, the opponents exchanged goals Shor and Mongabay, which, by the way, scored more and assists pass. Russian Alexander Elesin in the “calgary” effective action was not observed.