Animals will guide you through the Kenyan nature reserve of Masai Mara is a very special zebra foal spotted at one of his tours. In place of the black-and-white stripes, it was a small animal that is brown with white polka dots. And that would have been the result of a rare disorder.

it was The guide, Antony, Tira, who is the head for the first time. As it became known, quickly made, others are on the spot to be. Photographer, Frank, She told me aanNational Geographicdat of the animal at the first glance, like a completely different type of appearance.

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be the cause of The unusual appearance of the foal would be from a rare genetic disorder are pseudomelanisme. The color of the skin and hair of mammals is determined by a pigment called melanin, as it is called. The man works as a natural sunscreen, it makes our skin darker to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun.

if you are pseudomelanisme so do the cells in the skin, melanin production of their work, but there is something wrong with the molded body structure. In the case of the zebra foal were white spots in place of stripes. What exactly is going wrong in the process, it has not yet been discovered. (read on below)