History 20/01/20 “Extremely dangerous idiot”: what Mussolini said about Hitler

the Soviet Union has dubbed all of the far right coming to power in Europe in the 1920-30-ies, the Nazis, by analogy with Italy, where their rise to power happened for the first time in 1922. The Nazis in the USSR and named the German national socialists. This definition has become common, for example, in this sustainable in the years of the great Patriotic war the phrase as “Nazi troops”, and just “German Nazis”.
It was due to the fact that the word “fascism” in Soviet propaganda back in the 1920-ies has become synonymous with the very great political evil. The Communists are not focused on doctrinal and practical differences between different national variants of the European far right. Meanwhile, the Nazis themselves never thought of myself as something ideologically close to the Nazis, and Vice versa. Germans in Soviet captivity was very surprised and offended that they’ve been called by the Nazis: “This is wop – fascists! We national-socialists”.
envious of the accurate symbols of their ideological commitment was caused by long-standing hostility between Hitler and Mussolini before the Second world war. There was a period when Nazi Germany was considered, even in fascist Italy’s No. 1 enemy.

Mussolini about Hitler

Manners of Hitler and his parteigenosse despicable Mussolini at a time when they came to power. Mussolini believed that German Nazism was a barbaric parody of fascism. Especially was unhappy with the Duce that the Nazis copied it “Roman” party and greeting. There are many testimonies of derogatory remarks about Mussolini, Hitler and Nazism made in the first half of the 1930s.
Especially intense hatred of the Duce to the führer reached in 1934, when Nazis and fascists arguing for influence in Austria (and temporarily triumphed the leader of Italy). Then, Mussolini had mobilized the Italian army, readyYas to move to protect the independence of Austria from attacks by Germany. Hitler is “extremely dangerous idiot,” “horrible, sexually perverse, degenerate creature” – such epithets at this time, Mussolini was awarded the führer in talks with the acting Federal Chancellor of Austria, Ernst Starhemberg. There’s even a Soviet propaganda during the great Patriotic war was far from these gems.
First meeting with Hitler calmed down a bit Mussolini. He decided that there is nothing to be afraid of such a person. “It’s just a chatty monk,” said he to one of his confidants after the first meeting with the Fuhrer of Germany on 17 June 1934. During these talks Hitler often, instead of discussing the specific issues, began to extensively quote his book “Mein Kampf”. Once, during the break, Duce, standing at the window, whispered, “Yes, he’s just crazy!”, referring to the Fuhrer.

Mussolini about Nazism

When the Nazis took the “night of the long knives” 30 June 1934, having finished with the opposition within his party, Mussolini told French journalist Michel campan: “I should be pleased that Hitler makes his revolution in our samples. But they – the Germans. So they’ll end up doing something to destroy our idea. They are still the same barbarians as in the days of Tacitus and the reformation”.
it is Well known how Mussolini made mischief of Nazi “racial theory”: “If it were correct, then a superior race would be the Lapps, as they live North of all.” The political system established by Hitler in Germany, Mussolini was called a “barbaric and savage”, “capable only of murder, robbery and blackmail.”
Against Mussolini, Hitler, naturally, was transferred to the whole of the Nazi party and through it into the mass consciousness of the Italians, with their centuries of hostility to the Germans, especially strong in the First world war.

the Role of a slave

Perhaps, in April 1945, Mussolini strongly regretted that once forgotten, these deadly accurate characteristics of Nazism and its leader. But, inprobably, Duce more likely went to their own time in political rapprochement with the Fuhrer that he felt his moral and intellectual superiority over him and hoped that he, Mussolini, will be the lead in this tandem.
However, over time he more and more succumbed to the influence of the personality of Hitler. Obviously, the crucial role here was played by the military superiority of Germany over Italy. Germany was the unchallenged leading power of the axis, and Italy occupied a position only slightly above Romania and Hungary. Already in 1940, German troops have repeatedly rescued the Italians, after Duce inadvertently got involved in the Second world war.
in 1943, Hitler saved Mussolini when he was deposed and arrested on orders of the Italian king. However, it may be a disservice.
If Mussolini remained in custody of the Italian government, defected to the Western allies, after the war, Mussolini would be tried and is unlikely to be sentenced to more than life imprisonment, which could then be mitigated. Also supporting Hitler to the end, personifying in the eyes of the Italians hated occupation regime, Duce finished is known as.


Germany’s attitude towards Italian fascism, in contrast, has long been respectful. Hitler deliberately copied many of the forms and attributes of the fascist movement and have always admired the personality of the Duce. In 1926, barely coming out of prison, the nascent Fuhrer Nazism wrote to Rome with a request to send him a picture of Mussolini with a personal autograph Duce. The foreign Ministry of Italy granted its Embassy in Berlin to report stalking to the addressee in the form in which it deems it necessary, and what the Duce does not consider it appropriate to comply with such request.
But the Germans had their own sense of superiority over the Italians, particularly heightened racial theory. During his first visit to Italy, Hitler has ranted before Mussolini on the subject of strong mixing Italianancev with “inferior races”. In 1938 Mussolini, under direct pressure from Hitler adopted the “racial laws”, although six years ago called anti-Semitism “pure German evil.” However, these laws were published, believed to be a formality and are almost never performed, and the Jews in fascist Italy persecuted were not exposed.
the Contempt of the Germans to the Italians increased rapidly during the Second world war, as German troops won a victory, and the Italians were defeated. The Germans had to rescue them in North Africa, in Greece. When in 1943 the Germans and Italians were waiting for the Anglo-American landing in Sicily, the German soldiers joked: “When we in 1950 are going to conquer America, the wop will still be sitting here.” The Italians did not sit: when the Western allies landed on the coast of their country, the army Duce just fled.

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