Waasmunster, belgium On the E17 in Waasmunster is a Sunday evening, a casualty in a serious car accident. A car with a French license plate that was several times on the head. Four other people were injured.

The accident occurred at around 20 hours of wed morning on the E17 motorway in the direction of the city. A witness saw the driver of a car with a French license plate, suddenly on his start off and come on into the guardrail came out of it. The car did it a couple of times in the head and came to a stop in the emergency lane.

One of the passengers in the vehicle hurled. The victim was on-the-spot only, and were transported to the hospital, but died from his injuries. Four other people were injured, but it was there, at the first glance, it is not so much to them.

as to the cause of the accident is still a subject of debate. One witness was heard, just before the driver lost control, but it is a loud banging noise. Possibly, this was caused by a tyre blow-out, but it has not yet been confirmed. The public prosecutor’s office of East-Flanders, and sent to a verkeersdeskundige on-the-spot.