In comments captured on microphone, Queen Elizabeth II criticized the lack of global action on climate change.

As she was visiting Cardiff on Thursday to open the Welsh parliament, the 95-year-old British monarch was captured on a cellphone.

One time, Camilla, Duchess and daughter-in-law of Cornwall, said to Elin Jones, parliament presiding officer, “I’ve heard all about COP… I still don’t know who’s coming.”

The recording is inaudible. Parts of the recording show the queen saying it is “irritating” that “they talk”, but it doesn’t.

At the end of this month, the queen will be welcoming leaders from all over the globe to COP26. This United Nations climate conference is being held in Glasgow, Scotland. Xi Jinping of China is one example of several heads or governments that have yet to confirm their attendance.

Grant Shapps (Transport Secretary) said that the comments of Queen Elizabeth II were not intended to be broadcast.

Sky News: He said that while comments should be kept private, he believes all parties share the desire for progress and knows there will be many leaders in Glasgow to witness COP.

The queen of Britain is a constitutional monarchy and is supposed to be above politics. She rarely speaks out publicly.

Prince Charles, her son and heir has been vocal on environmental issues for a long time. Charles’ son, Prince William, has supported the Earthshot Prize for environmental innovation which will be presented on Sunday.

William spoke out against space tourism in a BBC interview broadcast Thursday. He said that the greatest minds of the world should instead focus on fixing the Earth.

His comments came a day after William Shatner, a 90-year-old actor in Star Trek, became the oldest person ever to fly into space. He did so using a rocket built by Jeff Bezos.