The Champions League, What a crazy game. Ajax and Chelsea were playing as a spectacle. The Locals were, after an hour of game play from 1-4, but some of the unlikely twists and turns, it was still 4-4.

What it was. A. Wedstrijdbegin. After about five minutes, it was all 1-to-1. First, second, Abraham is a vrijschop of Promes is unhappy in its own purpose. After scoring Jorginho from the top of the dot – Veltman made a mistake. And the show wouldn’t last long. As a goal, he was flagged for offside, almost had his error corrected. It gave Ajax amsterdam a boost to. Promes was the 1-2 is found only in the second post against the nets. In the first half gave the Ajax at the time voetballes at Stamford Bridge. At the start of the rest came on a 1 through 3-lead, after a soft owngoal of The keeper Kepa.

Shortly after the break, it seemed as if the game is completely over when the Donny Brook there’s 1-4 for me. Ajax is on his way to a big victory, or so it seemed. But it didn’t work out.