56 patients are in intensive care, 19 man is on a ventilator: a chronicle of the coronavirus during the day

In the Novosibirsk region for days has identified a further 70 cases of coronavirus infection, reported in the sit room. 28 patients were discharged on recovery.

What occurred in the city during the day?

the catering Staff were among the first who suffered from the coronavirus and polyalanine measures. Left without a job and money, they are looking for alternatives, but options earn now not so much. The same problem faced by our heroine. In order not to drown in the credits, she had to go to work in shipping. Now Anastasia delivers food to the house, and instead of a multi-million dollar contracts she has rare tips and dismissive views. Oh the shame, the forced savings and the squeamish attitude of the couriers with whom she had to face, she told the reporter Ksenia Lysenko.
In the intensive care unit there are 56 people on life support — 19 patients. Published fresh statistics on the sick and recovered from operational staff.
9709 cases of coronavirus recorded in Russia for the last day. The total number of cases amounted to 281 752 people, according to the operational headquarters.
Small and medium business for almost two months is in deep crisis due to coronavirus restrictions. And, despite various measures of state support, many have a hard time. Co-founder of “Hunting in the dark” Ilya Ledyaev told how tried to use the help of the state. What came of it — read in his newspaper column.
Employee Hiloksky market contracted the coronavirus, as reported in the regional Rospotrebnadzor, however, close the point of not planning on.

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