If your website is getting plenty of traffic, that’s excellent news. You need to ask yourself, though: Is that traffic sticking around or are prospective customers leaving too quickly? Conversions are what keep businesses going but sometimes, they’re hard to come by. If there’s a single sign that you need to give your business a performance review, it’s that you’re not getting many conversions.

To improve that rate, you’re going to want to take a few steps. These include software integration, meetings with team members, and companywide alignment about key results and goals.

1. Improve the customer experience.

One of your ongoing company objectives should always be to better your customer service, whether you’re a startup or an established business. Many businesses neglect customer service best practices, however, which can have a negative impact on your conversions. If you’re ready to make changes, start with your contact center. Whether you take phone calls or SMS messages, you need a quality agent desktop as well as omnichannel contact center software so your team members feel empowered. Vendors like BrightPattern make it easier to handle common customer service tasks with their intuitive dashboard, tech integrations, and added functions. Even if you’re a completely remote team, BrightPattern offers omnichannel quality management that can help your entire organization develop a more personal customer experience.


2. Set stronger goals.

When you think of goal management, you may be tracking some of the wrong metrics. If your preferred metrics are simply sales numbers, you may find it hard to hit both company goals and individual goals. Instead, don’t focus strictly on your KPIs. Look towards OKRs for some added assistance. OKRs are objectives and key results. The OKR framework is performance management and goal-setting system that can improve teamwork and boost those key analytics. Goal management is essential to business performance but it’s not something that can simply be done on a spreadsheet. OKR tracking software provides performance management notifications in near real-time. An OKR software tool is a great product for HR teams to conduct check-ins and for you to adapt your business strategy. Goal management software using the OKR methodology should be at the top of your list.

3. Increase online visibility.

If customers can’t find you easily, how are they supposed to convert? Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, you can always benefit from the deployment of a stronger digital marketing campaign. While there are some costly professional services out there, you can find agencies that provide amazing results to new users. Paired with 360-degree feedback on the health of your marketing campaigns and you’ll find that conversions will increase in no time at all.


4. Offer promotions.

One of the simplest ways to snag more customers is through promotions. These can amplify customer interactions, assist your own development, and secure repeat business. Offering a free trial so someone can test out product usability or a discount on services is a surefire way to get some bites on the line. While you shouldn’t develop a strong dependency on promotions, they can make a big difference.

5. Update your sales funnel.

If you’re not using a CRM, nows the time to start. A CRM goes beyond a Google Sheets file to help you keep your finger on the pulse of each and every prospective customer. You can see where they are are in the sales journey, how close they are to buying from a vendor, and whether additional steps need to be taken to secure business. A CRM can provide you with actionable insight into your sales performance.

Between setting company-level OKRs and discussing growth with your CEO in the boardroom, there are plenty of steps to take to see the conversions you crave. With some smart software choices, like the OKR tool or a Bright Pattern free trial, you can make it work.