5 shows a day and millions of fans: the legendary Yuri Antonov celebrates 75th anniversary

Hundreds of songs, thousands of concerts and millions of fans, the famous singer and composer Yuri Antonov today marks 75 years. With the anniversary of people’s artist of Russia has congratulated President Vladimir Putin.

“I didn’t become a jazz musician, thank God. I am glad of it. I was interested in, but then I’m more interested in popular music”, — says Yuri Antonov, people’s artist of Russia, composer.

the Highest quality sound. A similar “mellowness” was the British Smokie. But to be on the same level with us?

“And we didn’t “sneeze” at the viewer! We did everything we could to be comfortable, and secondly tried to make the most of the equipment that we were given,” explains Yuri Antonov.

By 1980, Yuri Antonov was known more in professional circles. His songs sound, but no one sees him. In 1968 flashed with a guitar in Belarusian musical film “Why we don’t sing”. But the absolute kit hits the people heard in the film “take care of women” (1981) — Antonov agreed to save lost without music picture.

“It sounded so naive, in my opinion. Because I was not a movie composer! It was my first job!” – says Yuri Antonov.

“I said let me give you a mood. Look here: on-on-on. He and the accordion immediately picks up and says: all chorus is,” — says the Director Alexander Polynnikov.

in Order to record music, Antonov, in Moscow was to attack “the Church” or “Church” — the so-called old Anglican Church in the centre of Stankevich, where they were the best in the Union Studio of gramophone recording firm “Melody”. All painted for the entire year.

“But we arrived in the night! Shut all the Windows were curtained so no light was visible, and wrote there! But there stood English the remote is the best remote in the world, you know?”, — says Yuri Antonov.

But it turned out that everything heard in the movie and in the first videos of the Antonov that made him famous.

I was playing this time with Antonov rock band “Araks” from the theatre “Lenkom”.

“there is a wonderful mix. I don’t want to stick out his persona, but introduced the Antonov from “Araks” I”, — recalls the composer Vladimir Matetskiy.

In the movie “Before parting” Antonov already practically plays itself — of the artist. Indeed, across the country Antonov rattles everywhere: “Under the roof”, “Chestnut street”, “I remember.”

“the Record was 5 times a day. The first concert at 9 a.m.,” says Yuri Antonov.

Today, Antonov is not the bags of letters and calls from radio stations. There call and ask: put a “moonwalk” or “do Not die, love”. And still you ask, will be the concert? Will.