5 reasons why the owners of companies and HR need to order staff: tell who can do it

Assessment centre — assessment tool staff, a long-established business. But any evaluation is not important in itself. Importantly, could it achieve the goal, standing before the owners of the first persons of the company and the HR service.

the Reasons for the assessment center can be very diverse: from simple interest, willing to try a new tool, fashion (this also happens) to real business needs.

Company “Uptime” identified five reasons why most owners and HR appeal to conduct the assessment center.

1. The formation of personnel reserve and personnel changes within the company.

it would Seem that we all know employees, for many years working with us side by side. But if you objectively assess, not everyone is a loyal employee who knows the business, can be an effective leader.

2. Hiring external employees.

Here comes to the fore the issue of the price error and possible risks. And the higher the position, the higher the risk: for example, loss of key personnel (with whom the new leader has not converged character), possible losses, loss of customers or even the loss of entire database — a lot of variants depending on position.

3. Evaluation of employees under the company’s strategic objectives, changes in the structure and so on. Drastic changes in the company sometimes require employees of new competencies. And here it is important to soberly assess who you can rely on in this situation who will be able to smoothly fit into the new system, who will have to help, and with whom, alas, better to leave. If a company wants to move forward, business as usual will not work.

4. Retention and effectiveness of key employees.

do Not forget that in any area there are unique specialists. If the goal is to retain expertise within the company, need to know how to motivate an employee, what features of management must be taken into account, sand how to improve its efficiency (including what kind of people enhance).

5. Training and development of employees.

Not abstract learning for learning’s sake, and given the challenges facing the position, the strategic goals of the company and potential employee. By the way, before you teach, it is necessary to understand not only what, but how. Peculiarities of thinking, perception of information, memory — all this affects the choice of methods of training and development.

Plus one

Not that common, but still found reason when the initiator is the employee to whom it is important to understand their strengths and weaknesses, potential and possible development vectors.

To any of these questions are answered, a comprehensive assessment of the company’s “Uptime”, including the assessment of compliance of a particular position, goals and stage of development of a particular company, motivation, reliability, risks etc.

Specialists of “Uptime” has conducted more than 3,500 assessments of top managers and leaders. The assessment results in addition to insights you will get a reliable forecast (84%) for five years and recommendations for the development of the employee.

the Assessment of the company’s “Uptime” — reliable, flexible (adapted to different positions, companies, and competency model), its time-tested tool for owners, which will help you to realize your own goals and the goals of your company.

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