Europe is a continent known for its serenity and stunning natural beauty.  But it has a different face for sports lovers too. The snow-clad mountains are famous for skiing activities. Famous for the golf courses, Portugal is known and awarded for giving the best golf experience and the best golf courses. In fact, Portugal is known as the golf capital of the world. So, let’s start exploring the top 5 places in Europe for very sports fan to visit.

Algarve Golf Holidays

Algarve golf holidays in Portugal is world-famous holiday trip known for its golf courses. If you ask any renowned golf player, we are sure he will recommend it to you and urge you to play golf in this beautiful place. There are so many golf courses to choose from, and each one is more exotic than the last. The difficulty levels and the hole variations have so much to offer to any golf enthusiast. The scenic beauty of the oceans, mountains, lakes, pine trees are an add-on to any golf lover and their group visiting Europe.

Parc des Princes Stadium, Paris

This a must-visit place for every soccer fan. The Parc des Princes Stadium has hosted some of the best games in the world. Those who have witnessed matches here will have an unforgettable day. This stadium also gives access to visitors through organized tours in and around the stadium. So, whether you are a soccer fan or not, do take a tour to experience something unique. The stadium is located in the beautiful city of Paris where you have lots and lots to do!

The Emirates

The Emirates like its name is known for the luxury it provides. It is located in the UK and has the Arsenal team practicing here almost every week. So, if you are a football fan, this place is for you. Get your luxury pass and enjoy an authentic meal with a range of wines while you sit back and enjoy the game from the VIP box. Plus, if you are a hardcore Arsenal fan, imagine getting a ball signed by the team and adding it to your collector’s edition! Priceless indeed!

Olympiastadion, Berlin

As beautiful as its name, this stadium is home to many games, especially cricket. The Olympiastadion is visited by every cricket enthusiast and they are said to have the most splendid experience here. This stadium was built way ahead of its time. It was built in 1936 but the infrastructure is as modern as it can be. It seats a whooping crowd of almost 70 thousand. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to be visited by a true sports fan. The surroundings too are so serene and calm that just a day out with friends here can brighten your mood.

Col Du Sanetch, Switzerland

Col Du Sanetch is for the cycling enthusiasts. Switzerland is home to the best roads for cyclists. The windings, the climates and everything else are in favor if cycling is your passion. So, grab your own cycle or rent one right there and you are all set to begin. The cycling roads take you to the top of the mountains and provide the best views. The air is so fresh, that you won’t even realize you have cycled at such a height. Even if you are tired, the breathtaking views are all worth it!


Apart, from skiing and golfing, there are various other sports that can be enjoyed in Europe. We have tried and listed a few places for a sports fan to visit in Europe and we are sure you are going to enjoy a lot exploring them.