5 European countries, who attacked the Soviet Union together with Hitler

History 11/01/20 5 European countries, who attacked the Soviet Union together with Hitler

As is known, opponents of our country in the great Patriotic war, except Germany, there were other States which declared the Soviet Union the war and was sent to the front their troops.

In Soviet times, the reasons for the performance of these countries against the Soviet Union deepened. Basically all was due to their bourgeois device, and, as a consequence, hatred for the only socialist state. Hungary, Romania and of course Italy was declared a fascist state. And according to Soviet ideologists, Nazis in order to exist, to fight the Communists.

But if you approach the matter seriously, it becomes clear that each state had its own reasons for war with the Soviet Union.


Good reasons to fight against the Soviet Union in Hungary was not. On the one hand, there was a desire to acquire some new territory, for example, part of Bukovina, which once was part of Austria-Hungary. And it is in the part that Hungarian. On the other hand, Hungary has only acquired Transylvania, and she had enough worries for the development of this very considerable territory.

And, importantly, in Hungary, in fact, had no army. In 41-m to year she almost had nothing to put on the front. Related Trianon Treaty, Hungary could not produce tanks, planes and more. And if Germany refused to comply with the Versailles Treaty, Hungary has just went away. For this reason, the German General staff did not consider the participation of the Hungarian troops in the war against the Soviet Union.

However, though almost a symbolic contingent of its troops, the Hungarian government prepared for war.

the Formal reason for joining the war was the bombing of the unknown planes of košice on 26th June. The city, by the way Slovak, the Hungarians occupied it. Who wouldambel was still unknown. There is a theory that this was a German provocation. What looks at least strange. Since Hungary, and so tended to participate in the war, and the German assistance was least used. So the version that was bombed by Soviet aircraft, whether by mistake, or simply acting on pre-war plans, it looks more authentic.

anyway, on 27 June, Hungary declared war on the Soviet Union.

the Participation of Hungary in World war II cost her 809 066 the dead Hungarian soldiers. The vast majority were killed in the fighting with the red Army.


the Situation of Romania by 1941, the country was precarious. Bulgaria took from her southern Dobrogea, Hungary — Transylvania, the Soviet Union Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina. What all these countries regained their territory is not so important.

In this situation the only solution for Romania was allied with Germany, which would be able to protect her from Hungary, and to give the opportunity to compensate for the territorial losses. And to buy something Romania could only at the expense of the Union, claiming not only on Moldova (Romanians it somehow thought its integral part), but also a significant part of the black sea region, primarily Odessa.

Romania was the only ally of Germany, whose forces started the war on 22 June.

the Loss of Romania on the Eastern front amounted to 475 070 people were killed.


the Country, which certainly was not about to fight with the Soviet Union is Italy. Especially given the geographic location. The Italian army struggling to cope with the tasks in the Mediterranean, bringing their allies-the Germans more problems than good. Army the Italians were frankly weak. But Mussolini wanted to participate in everything and everywhere. German command with huge work has strayed from the “help” of Italians in the planned invasion of the British Isles.

the Fact that Hitler told Mussolini about the invasion of the Soviet Union on 21 June, did not prevent the Italians speakt war on the Soviet Union the next day.

the Desire of the Duce to send Italian troops to the Eastern front, in aid of the Wehrmacht, was met with hostility, but the 30th of June, the Italians still have received consent.

a Reason for declaring war would have pleased any Soviet historian: Italy joined the war to participate in a “General crusade against communism.”

the Benefits of Italian troops on the Eastern front was minimal. They really came in handy just at the moment when parts of the front, occupied by Romanian and Hungarian troops (who were de facto at war), needed someone to deliver.

the adventures of Italians in Russia ended particularly tragically. Remnants of the troops, after the defeat at Stalingrad, was taken to Ukraine, where former allies (by this time Italy had sided with the Anglo-Americans) arrested all the Italians and sent them to concentration camps. V. Myasnikov in his work “Your are worse than others”, says that while more than two thousands of Italians were executed immediately.

the Loss of Italy on the Eastern front are estimated at around 70,000 people, including not returning from captivity.


Slovakia with a population of half million to intervene in a fight powers was hardly appropriate. Moreover, the confidence that the Slovaks will be good to fight against other Slavs, was not the Slovakian leadership, nor German. The experience of the First World war were still fresh.

However, the Slovak leaders expected to receive some preferences from their participation in the war. Their situation was somewhat similar to the Romanian – Hungary occupied part of Slovak lands was not going to stop there. Still in Austria-Hungary the Slovak lands belonged to the Hungarian part of the dual monarchy, the Hungarians it is good to remember.

Slovakia declared war on the USSR on 23 June 1941.

the participation of the Slovak troops was minimal, primarily because of a tiny armed forces. The use of the wordckih parts, even in the rear is complicated by the unreliability of the Slovak soldiers, who willingly helped the guerrillas than fought against them.

In the war against the Soviet Union killed about 3,500 Slovaks, but surrendered 27,000 people.


the War with Finland, in fact, was some kind of private war between the two countries in the framework of General hostilities on the Eastern front of World war II.

to find the reason for the war Finland was not particularly necessary — she wanted to return the territories lost as a result of the Winter war.

Despite the potential return of territories, the Finnish government decided to declare neutrality in the war. This was prevented by the impact of Soviet aviation on the Finnish airfields 25th of June. As a result, instead of a statement of neutrality Finland 26 June officially declared war on the Soviet Union.

Of all the European allies Germany, Finland mobilized the largest percentage of the population — one in six people have been called.

M. I. Semiryaga in the work “Collaboration. Nature, typology and manifestations in the years of world war II” reports that the deadweight loss of Finland in the war against the Soviet Union in the period after 22 June 1941 was 84 337 people.

Cyril Shishkin

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