Im Funkwagen unterwegs mit den Streifenpolizisten Ronald Schüler (mit Dreitagebart) und Dirk Zollondz vom Polizeiabschnitt 21 in Berlin-Spandau, aufgenommen am 27. November 2015 für MEHR BERLIN. Foto: Kitty Kleist-Heinrich

A 42-year-old woman was seriously injured in an argument with her partner in Berlin’s Märkisches district. She was taken to a hospital by paramedics, police said on Sunday.

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The officials are investigating the 59-year-old partner for attempted murder. The man was arrested and also taken to hospital due to health problems.

The resident of an apartment building on Dannenwalder Weg noticed traces of blood on the door of the apartment on the eighth floor late on Saturday evening and heard suspicious noises. Emergency services opened the door and found the 42-year-old unconscious with signs of violence.

The homicide squad took up the investigation. The arrested man was to be brought before the magistrate on Sunday. (dpa)