After a well-known member of the Remmo family was attacked with a knife in a Berlin gym on Wednesday night, the police have now found a suspect. On Wednesday afternoon, investigators enforced a judicial search warrant for the suspect’s apartment on Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse in Mitte.

Officers met the 38-year-old suspect. According to Tagesspiegel information, it is the Lebanese E. After his identity was established, he was released again. “The search was successful,” said a police spokeswoman. However, she cannot say anything about the objects found because this is part of the investigation. The man was also offered to comment on the allegation. Whether he made use of it remains unclear.

The motive for the crime is still unclear. So far there is no indication of a connection to clan crime. Another indication that the case has less to do with rivalries among extended Arab families: the case is not being handled by the specialists from the State Criminal Police Office, but by the criminal police from the local directorate. So far there have been no indications for the police that the case would have to be handed over to the LKA. It is determined because of dangerous bodily harm. The accused Lebanese is already known to the police for other crimes.

The 24-year-old Remmo man was stabbed on Wednesday around 2 a.m. in a gym next to the well-known Soho House in Prenzlauer Berg. The emergency doctor and paramedics treated the seriously injured man on site, after which he was taken to a Friedrichshain hospital.

In the clinic, the victim, who had been stabbed in the stomach, was initially guarded by police officers. The German-Arab Remmo clan has repeatedly been involved in bloody clashes with other extended families in recent years.

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The police union said after the fact that they were not surprised. It should not become “normal” that serious injuries and death are accepted in the event of a dispute in the milieu.

The stabbed man has also been known to the authorities for years. In 2019, he himself stood before the Berlin Regional Court on suspicion of murder. The then 21-year-old from Neukölln was accused because his DNA was found on the body of the dead father of another extended family: the victim Ali O. was beaten to death with batons by masked men in front of his house in Britz early in the morning in May 2017. Two years later, the accused Remmo son was acquitted.

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After the verdict was announced, his father, the well-known Issa Remmo, rampaged through the Moabit courthouse in front of cameras. He yelled at the prosecutor for minutes and had to be escorted out of the house by law enforcement officials.

Other members of the extended family have been charged with various crimes, including stealing diamonds from the Green Vault in Dresden. In many cases, Remmo men were also convicted, for example after the burglary in the Berlin Bode Museum and an attack on a money transporter on Kurfürstendamm. Individual members of the extended family from Lebanon are well networked and sometimes take legal action against reports under press law.

The Neukölln district office and Remmo relatives are currently arguing before a civil court. It’s about a villa in Alt-Buckow where family members live. It has been confiscated by the judiciary because the house was said to have been bought with illegal funds.

The villa has therefore belonged to the country since 2020. The Remmos are defending themselves against an eviction action. The district office stated in court that the relationship of trust with the residents had been disturbed because they had presented a forged rental agreement. The family denies this. A comparison between the office and Remmos did not come about, the court will decide soon.