After the proposed acquisition of AXA Bank Belgium Crelan is a network of 1.141 bankagentschappen. There is a lot of overlap, it is evident from an analysis of The Time of day. A number of of them are Crelan – and in AXA offices right across from each other, or are they on the same street just a few houses in between.

With up to 30% of the offices, there are less than 500 feet to another branch of AXA or Crelan-to-find, learning to be a comparison of the addresses of all of the agencies on the website of the bank. About half of the firms is less than 1.3 kilometers, though with a different agency, is to be found.

See also the Merger of Crelan-Axa is in the long term, hundreds of offices, to disappear,

As with the management of the Crelan on Friday with the acquisition of AXA Bank are announced in a voice all of which would inevitably lead to a rationalisation of the branch network. Crelan and AXA Bank had at the end of last year, respectively, 586 and 555 offices. Together, and that in the long term, so 1.141 office Crelan-logo. That is, there are more than four banks, each with about 600 to 700 branches.

How to Crelan, which reduce the merged entity’s network address, it will only be next year, obviously, and after, the formal completion of the acquisition.