Redesigning your growing child’s bedroom can be a fun experience. Not only is it an opportunity to create and collaborate with him or her but it’s also a chance to let your own imagination come to life.

Since your child’s tastes and interests will surely change over the years, though, it’s important to create a space that can grow along with them. Not sure where to start? These decorating tips will help you design a space for your child that he or she can enjoy for many years to come.

1. Create a Floorplan with Furniture in Mind

Is your child still young enough that he or she needs plenty of floor space to play? Will you need to create a separate space for siblings? Or is your child getting closer to their pre-teen and teenage years when they’ll need desk space and areas for creating art or playing video games? These are all important things to consider when devising a bedroom layout and determining what types of furniture and accessories you’ll need.

For example, loft beds are a great way to save space and create versatility within a room. When your child is younger, they can have a play space under the bed. As they grow, you can add a desk or gaming area in the same space. Or, if another sibling will eventually share the room, you can add another bed.

2. Keep the Furniture and Wall Colors Neutral

While it might be tempting to buy a bed that resembles a racecar or furniture with a castle theme as well as use bold paint colors on the walls,  in a few years when your child’s interests change, you’ll find yourself in need of buying new furniture and painting the walls all over again.

To avoid this, choose furniture in neutral tones of solid wood, black, white, or gray so you’ll have pieces that are timeless. Wall colors should be neutral hues, too. Now, if your child’s heart is set on a bold or bright wall color, then create an accent wall. This way, you can more easily update it in the future versus repainting the entire room.

3. Add Visual Interest with Wall Art and Accessories

Rugs and curtains in colorful fabrics add color and texture to any room. Bright bedding and fun-shaped pillows tell a story. And wall art and accessories are where you and your child’s imagination come to life. In need of the perfect pieces of wall art that will add personality, style, and creativity to your walls?

For inspiration, check out the wide variety of kids’ wall art available through Minted. Don’t be afraid to go bold and have fun with the wall art you choose. Not only is this a great way to highlight your child’s unique and wonderful personality, but wall art is also easy to update in a few years when your child is older.

Finalizing the Design

Redesigning your child’s bedroom is an opportunity to let his or her unique personality shine. By creating a smart and age-appropriate floor layout, using functional furniture, and keeping the wall colors neutral, you’ll set the stage for years to come. Then, you can add fun and colorful accessories such as rugs, curtains, pillows, and wall art  — all of which can be easily updated over the years. Ultimately, however, the most important aspect of redesigning your child’s bedroom is to make it fun and to create a space together where you’ll be able to make many more happy memories.