The first private space station team has been released a year before the planned launching

The first private space station team was released Tuesday: Three guys that are each paying $55 million to fly a SpaceX rocket.

“This is actually the very first private flight to the International Space Station.

While assignment commander Michael Lopez-Alegria is well-known in space circles,”another 3 men are simply people who would like to have the ability to go to space, and we are providing that chance,” Suffredini told The Associated Press.

The initial team will spend eight days in the space station, and also will require a couple of days to arrive aboard a SpaceX Dragon capsule after liftoff from Cape Canaveral.

Russia has been at the off-the-planet tourism industry for many years, selling rides into the International Space Station because 2001. These excursions — much cheaper with chairs going for countless tens of thousands — could kick this off season.

Axiom’s first clients comprise Larry Connor, a property and technology entrepreneur in Dayton, Ohio, Canadian financier Mark Pathy and Israeli businessman Eytan Stibbe, a near friend of Israel’s first astronaut Ilan Ramon, who had been murdered in the space shuttle Columbia accident in 2003.

“These men are very involved and performing it for type of for the improvement of the communities and states, so we could not be more happy with this particular makeup of the very first crew due to their drive and their attention,” Suffredini said.

Every one of those first paying clients intends to do science study from orbit, he explained, together with educational outreach.

Lopez-Alegria, a former space station resident and spacewalking pioneer, called the group a”group of leaders”

Tom Cruise was cited a year as a possible team member; NASA top officials affirmed he had been considering filming a movie in the space station. There was no word Tuesday on if Cruise will grab another Axiom flight.

Every one of those personal astronauts needed to pass medical evaluations and will get 15 months of instruction, based on Suffredini. The 70-year-old Connor will develop into the second-oldest individual to fly in space, following John Glenn’s shuttle flight in 1998 at age 77. He will also function beneath Lopez-Alegria since the capsule pilot.

Axiom intends about two personal assignments annually into the space station. Additionally, it is working to establish its very own live-in compartments into the channel starting in 2024. This segment would be dispersed from the channel once it is retired by NASA and the international partners, and eventually become its own personal outpost.