A 16-year-old died in Dortmund after at least one shot by the police – the investigation is ongoing. The teenager attacked the officers with a knife on Monday evening, a police spokesman said in the evening. However, not much more was known at first. In particular, it remained unclear how such an escalation could come about.

What is certain is that the police were called to Holsteiner Strasse around 4:25 p.m. Officers used the firearm, the police spokesman said. It was unclear how many shots were fired and whether several police officers fired.

The 16-year-old was seriously injured and died a little later during an emergency operation. For reasons of neutrality, the investigations are no longer carried out by the Dortmund police, but by the Recklinghausen police.

Police officers often take up arms. On Tuesday last week, a homeless 23-year-old was fatally injured by a police officer’s shot during an operation in the station district of Frankfurt am Main. The police had previously reported an armed man in a hotel who is said to have threatened people, according to the Hessian State Criminal Police Office.