The shots at the 16-year-old, who died after a police operation, were fired from a police officer’s submachine gun. According to the preliminary autopsy findings, the young person was hit by five shots, said the responsible senior public prosecutor Carsten Dombert on Tuesday. The “Bild” had previously reported on the use of a submachine gun.

Six projectile casings were found, according to Dombert, so six shots must have been fired. The shots hit the 16-year-old on Monday in Dortmund in the stomach, jaw, forearm and twice in the shoulder. According to the police, the youth had attacked the officers with a knife during the operation. There were 11 police officers on site, one of them fired the shots from the submachine gun, said senior public prosecutor Dombert. As is usual in such cases, he will initially be listed as a suspect. It is about the initial suspicion of bodily harm resulting in death.

Police in North Rhine-Westphalia use Hecker and Koch MP5 submachine guns. Frank Schniedermeier from the board of directors of the NRW police union said that there were regular shooting training sessions with all the weapons used by the police.