A 15-year-old S-Bahn surfer died on Friday evening after an accident. As the police announced on Saturday, around 10:50 p.m. the young person jumped onto a train at the Feuerbachstraße S-Bahn station with two companions aged 16 and 23. Shortly before the entrance to the Rathaus Steglitz S-Bahn station, he is said to have hit his head against a signal boom and suffered serious head injuries.

Witnesses provided first aid on the roof of the train before the fire department was able to rescue the 15-year-old. Attempts at resuscitation were unsuccessful and the young man died on the spot.

His two companions were in shock. The 23-year-old, as well as a 37-year-old witness, had to be treated as an outpatient in a hospital as a result. A total of five other people received medical treatment, including the driver of the train.

Vehicle traffic around the S-Bahn station was blocked for about two hours during the rescue work and the recording of the facts.

There are always fatal accidents when surfing the S-Bahn in Berlin: Last April, a 15-year-old died at the Lankwitz S-Bahn station after falling off the roof of the train and getting under the train.