Five new skyscrapers are to be built around the Bahnhof Zoo. The Berlin Senate decided on Tuesday with the framework plan for the area from Hertzallee to Hardenbergplatz. “Five new skyscrapers, between 60 and 110 meters, will characterize the area and give Berlin a metropolitan face,” said Urban Development Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD).

This will create an attractive district with university buildings of the Technical University (TU), new apartments, offices, open spaces and squares between Fasanenstraße and Bahnhof Zoo Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) used areas between the train station and the Volkswagen library of the TU.

The newly adopted framework plan now shows schematically the previous results, which were developed together with those involved such as the TU, the BVG and the Federal Agency for Real Estate Tasks (Bima), it said in a statement. According to the plans, the BVG terminus is to be relocated from its current location to the S-Bahn viaduct. An e-charging depot for the electric bus fleet of the BVG should then be built there. Right at the entrance to Hertzallee, this area should be towered over by a high-rise building from the private project Berlin Hertzallee GmbH from Munich.

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The building is to measure 110 meters and thus be only slightly lower than the 118 meter high “Upper West” and “Zoofenster” towers on the other side of Hardenbergplatz. Together with a 100 meter and an 80 meter high tower, the new building is to form the framework for a town square on Hertzallee.

Shops, restaurants and public facilities are planned on the ground floors, according to the announcement. Apartments and offices are planned above this. In addition to another high-rise building for the TU, the new KI tower, the university is getting additional buildings for laboratories and student apartments.

Hardenbergplatz itself, on the other hand, will remain without any additional buildings. According to the Senate resolution, it should be the “Entrée to City West”, but it will remain an important traffic junction in the future.