Daniel, formerly the ABC’s US correspondent will run on a climate- and integrity platform at the Goldstein.

Zoe Daniel, a former ABC reporter, has declared that she will run independently in the forthcoming federal election in Goldstein electorate in Melbourne. This seat is currently held by Tim Wilson, Liberal MP.

On Thursday, Daniel tweeted a series to announce that she would be challenging the seat in the city’s south-east. She cited integrity in politics as well as climate change among her core concerns.

Voices of Goldstein has supported her candidacy, one of many campaigns that funds independent candidates for Coalition-held seats.

Daniel tweeted, “It is an honor to be asked to represent Goldstein Community,” on Thursday.

“Thank you @GoldsteinVoices, for your trust. Who else but us? If not now, When?”

Daniel stated that she would launch her campaign in Sandringham on Saturday morning. The article was and linked to an article revealing her candidacy, which was published at the Nine Network .

Daniel claims she is a Hampton resident who voted for Wilson in 2016. Wilson holds the seat by just under 8%.

She described herself as a swinging voter, who has never been a member a political party.

Daniel, who was a foreign reporter during a three-decade career with the broadcaster said in the article that she would be inspired by Zali Steggall, Cathy McGowan, and run on a climate of integrity.

She said, “I look at my children and the friends that they bring home and I wonder what your life will look like if we don’t do anything?”

“If not us then who?” “If not us, then who?”

She said that the people of Goldstein are aware that this is happening and that they want to see more concrete policy. “It’s a moral issue but it’s also an economic issue if Australia wants to maintain the prosperity we have.”

Daniel also tweeted an campaign video which leaned heavily upon her career as a public broadcaster. It featured Daniel walking on the beach alongside her dog and her two teenage children.

Daniel questions whether Goldstein voters value honesty and integrity in politics and transparent economic management.

“Do you have any of these items right now?” No. Daniel states that we deserve better and can’t wait any longer.

“I have been the reporter on your TV that delivers bad news. It’s not fake.

“But the good news? We, the people of Goldstein, can do something about this.”