Zan: as Soviet scientists studied the female Bigfoot in Abkhazia

History 23/02/20 Zana: as Soviet scientists studied the female Bigfoot in Abkhazia

According to some experts, the Yeti, or “Bigfoot” are extant Neanderthals. One such instance is believed the woman, who lived in the forests of Abkhazia before the revolution. A study of the stories Are and her children, where Bigfoot supposedly gave birth after she was caught by the locals, Soviet scientists started only in the early 1960s.

Legends of the village of Tahini

In 1962, in the Abkhazian village of Tahini came capital Professor Alexander Mashkovtsev, who was among the first visitors from the “mainland” learned the legend of Zane. Initially, all studies mashkovtseva and his colleagues cryptozoology Boris Porshnev was based on the stories of local residents. As he wrote Patriotic entomologist Vitaly tanasiychuk in his book “the Incredible Zoology”, the old-timers described the wild woman-like creature with black or dark gray skin with black and reddish hairs on the body. According to villagers, Zan had a powerful physique and incredible strength.

stories Of old men who at the time was from 60 to 130 years, Soviet scientists learned that caught ZANU Abkhazian Prince Achba. Long outlandish production passed from hand to hand until she found another Duke Hanabi, who brought Bigfoot to the village Tahini. At first Zan was behaving aggressively, and therefore locked up. But soon she got used to his fate and wander freely in the area. Took advantage of some men, whereby Zana gave birth to five children. Firstborn she accidentally drowned, and the rest she took. They grew up in foster care.

Grandchildren Are

Boris Porshnev was able to meet with his grandchildren Explained that, according to the descriptions of the scientist, distinguished Negroid facial features and curly hair. They were all children of the youngest son Shows, Hvita, lived in his native village of Tahini to the end of their dayth. According to Porshnev, the descendants of the wild women, like herself, possessed of amazing physical powers. The eldest son of the Hvita, Salicola could with their powerful jaws to lift the chair with sitting on it man. It was one of the first pistons and put forward the theory that Bigfoot is none other than the real Neanderthal man.

In the seventies, the Porshnev was supported by the historian Igor Burtsev. Burtsev also spoke with their grandchildren Are, in particular, with the daughter of Hvita, Raisa. The historian confirmed the positive words concerning the appearance of the descendants of the “snow woman.” Moreover, Igor Burtsev even managed to find the graves Are and Hvita. From under the earth, scientists have extracted only the skull, but they are quite enough to dispel the sensation. But it happened in our time and with the participation of foreign experts.

Not a Yeti, and African

Anthropologist Stanislav Drobyshevsky, who examined the skull said confidently that they belong to the members of the genus homo sapiens, not Neanderthals. The latter are characterized by large brow in the form of a roller. Such rollers are discovered turtles do not exist. However, eyebrows have Are and Hvita was really powerful. Yes, and broad noses and raised their heads, too, were the characteristic features of a mother and son. However, similar signs have and blacks.

Igor Burtsev has studied this issue and found that in the time of Peter “Arap” really came to Abkhazia and remained there. But that’s why as I thought Burtsev, the Abkhazians dark-skinned people are familiar with, and to confuse Africans with the Yeti, they could not. Nevertheless, from Oxford geneticist Bryan Sykes conducted DNA research Are and its descendants, confidently stated that they not only belonged to the “Homo sapiens”, but in fact originated from West Africa. Under the assumptions of Sykes, Zana was a slave brought to Abkhazia by the Turks.

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