Yuri Levitan: what happened to the child of the main speaker of the great Patriotic

Biography 31/12/19 24smi.Oguri Levitan: what happened to the child of the main speaker of the great Patriotic

As you know, the Nazis were hunting for Soviet announcer Yuri Levitan exactly the same as for the experienced sniper. And the thing of it was, that through his voice Levitan also fought with the enemy, only the radio. Thus he tried to protect them from the enemy and the Soviet Union in General and my family in particular. However, the only daughter Levitan died in peacetime.

Favorite mother-in-law, daughter and grandson

Yuri Levitan married 25 years. His chosen name was Raisa. The speaker met her through mutual friends. A year after the wedding in 1940 from Levitan was born the daughter Natalia. With the birth of a girl staying in our house and mother Raisa Faina Lvovna. It is noteworthy that between son-in-law and mother-in-law was good relations. Even after Raisa left Yuri, Faina Lvovna took the side of her former husband. Moreover, Raisa left the daughter to the father, and the girl had to take care of. Levitan, most of the time spent at work.
Despite a failed personal life, Yuri Natalia doted and constantly spoiled. From an early age she did not know failure in anything. Similarly, Levitan loved and his grandson Boris, the son of Natalia. Among the photos from the family archive we have lots of pictures of the Soviet speaker, Nanivska with the boy. After 30 years it is Boris going to kill the only daughter of Yuri Levitan.

the Murder of Natalya

the speaker died in 1983. A few months died and his mother-in-law Faina Lvovna. The death of his father and grandparents started for her a serious blow. They life cared about her. Only thanks to his connections Levitan arranged for the daughter to work in radio: because no special abilities Natalia was not. After the native people had left, Natalia long grieved. For many years she lived with her husband Nm by Sudarikov and son Boris.
the Tragedy occurred when the wife Natalia was no longer alive, and Boris turned 36 years old. 4 Feb 2006 Natalia Sudarikova found dead in his apartment. The police were called by neighbors. The reason for this was the scandal that happened at Sudarikova the day before, as well as red spots on the ceiling of the apartment, which is located under the apartment of relatives of the speaker.

Mentally ill

When police arrived at the scene, the door in Sudarikova still nobody opened. Cracking her, law enforcement officials found a dead body of 65-year-old Natalia Yurievna, lying in pools of blood spread. She had a fractured head and indented face. In addition, her body had traces of beating. The grandson of Boris Levitan was in the apartment. He poured the body of his mother with water, explaining that “wants to wash her soul.”
Boris Sudarikov was sent for psychiatric examination. According to its results the experts recognized the man insane. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia. 6 years he spent on compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital. After he was discharged, he stayed outside for long. Soon his body was found in the suburbs. As the experts concluded, he lay in the snow for a few weeks. Boris died of hypothermia.

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