Yuri Gagarin: the fate of the children of the first cosmonaut of the Earth

Biography 30/12/19 Yuri Gagarin: the fate of the children of the first cosmonaut of the Earth

I’m Sure many had seen photos of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, made what is called in the home environment. Some of them, except his wife Valentina, and daughters of the captured hero Elena and Galina. Who were the children and grandchildren of Gagarin?


One of the daughters of the hero Elena Gagarina was born in 1959. Since childhood Elena was equally enthusiastic about sports, and art. However, she chose all the same second. After graduating with honors from high school, Gagarin decided to become a critic. Elena has arrived on historical faculty of the Moscow State University.

More than 20 years, Elena worked in the fine Pushkin Museum, was engaged in the storage of English graphics. Meanwhile, she continued research activities and even became a candidate of art criticism. In the early 2000-ies Elena Gagarina was appointed Director of the Museum “Moscow Kremlin”, where she works to this day.


the Younger Galina was born in 1961. A few weeks after her arrival, Yuri Gagarin made his famous flight. Galina, unlike his sister, showed quite different abilities and after school filed documents at the capital Institute of national economy named after Plekhanov. She was an economist.

Galina is a doctor in economic Sciences and Professor. She teaches where she studied herself, that is, in the economic University. In addition, in 2008, Galina Gagarin was awarded the distinguished title of “Honored worker of higher school”.

the Grandchildren

Yuri Gagarin and two grandchildren. Is the daughter of Helen, whose name is Catherine, and son of Galina, Yuri. Both of them are not well-known name. Granddaughter of astronaut Ekaterina Karavaeva was born in 1987. Catherine, like her mother, is a graduate of Moscow state University. It works also together with her mother in the Moscow Kremlin. In 2011an ode to Catherine, she married diplomat Paul Vnukovo.

Gagarin’s Grandson, his namesake Yuri kondratchik also chose MSU, faculty of journalism. He writes articles for various publications, among which “the Bulletin” of the University, where his mother, Galina Gagarin. You might guess that I called George in honour of his famous grandfather.

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