The Brandenburg police arrested a young neo-Nazi in Potsdam on Friday who is said to have prepared right-wing terrorist attacks. According to Tagesspiegel information, the young person under the age of 18 was active in a chat called “Dead Weapons”. References to the right-wing terrorist network “Atomic Weapons Division” were not confirmed. However, experts point to parallels with the group originating from the USA. The “Totenwaffe Division” is also active in the USA, as photos from the chat show, and also refers to the idea of ​​”lone wolf” terrorism.

State security investigators from the Brandenburg State Criminal Police Office (LKA) approached the neo-Nazi on Friday morning with an arrest warrant. Special police forces were also on duty because weapons were suspected to be on the youth. He was arrested.

The investigators searched living, business and ancillary rooms that the young neo-Nazi had used. What they found there confirmed the suspicions of the security authorities, it said. The investigators assume that the neo-Nazi could have been on the verge of committing an attack.

According to the information, the authorities had been targeting the young people for months. There were extensive operations to observe the neo-Nazis. It can be assumed that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution was also involved.

The Brandenburg Public Prosecutor’s Office had initiated proceedings. Investigations are being carried out on suspicion of preparing a serious act of violence that is dangerous to the state, violating the explosives law and using signs of unconstitutional organizations.

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In addition, the young person is suspected of not only obtaining instructions for the construction of weapons, ammunition and explosive devices, but also of having obtained chemicals for the construction of explosive devices. He is said to have already built explosives and incendiary devices himself and carried out initial explosive tests.

The public prosecutor’s office then obtained the arrest warrant and a search warrant from the district court of Brandenburg/Havel. According to the information, the investigators secured various data carriers and instructions for the construction of explosive devices on Friday. A judge issued the arrest warrant to the neo-Nazi on Friday afternoon.

The security authorities are concerned about right-wing extremist lone perpetrators who could become fanatics through chats and carry out attacks. The authorities had raided neo-Nazis several times in the past few weeks, such as the Federal Criminal Police Office in eleven federal states against members of the “Atomic Weapons Division” and other groups in early April.

The “Nuclear Weapons Division” was formed in the USA in 2015. Members have killed a total of five people there since 2017. Supporters of the group have been active in Germany since 2018. In the “racial and civil war” planned by the network, all Jews, Muslims and people who do not fit into the world view of the neo-Nazis living in the western world were to be killed. The neo-Nazis want to force the overthrow through terror – attacks and murders, also on politicians, officials and state institutions.