Would have won the USSR allies, if in 1945 the war began

Another 23/12/19 would have Won the USSR allies, if in 1945 the war began

it is Now known that in the summer of 1945 British and American headquarters studied the possibility of war with the Soviet Union in just jointly occupied Germany. Did not rule out that the top leadership of the USSR. Order given by Zhukov in June 1945, the occupation zone of occupation of Germany intended to leave the USSR and us troops, was ordered to conduct a military operation, the Soviet troops were to be ready at any moment to engage in battle.

the superiority of the West in the air

In 1945, Soviet troops in the theatre of the war ended in Europe totaled 6.5 million personnel, 108 thousand artillery guns and mortars, 13 thousand tanks and self-propelled artillery installations, about 16 thousand combat aircraft.

the Anglo-American troops there included 5.2 million people, 45 thousand guns and mortars, 15 thousand tanks and self-propelled artillery installations and 15 thousand planes. Thus, the number of armored vehicles and aircraft of forces of the parties were approximately equal. In manpower, the Soviet troops had a slight superiority in one and a quarter times. Artillery the red Army had 2.4 times more than in the armies of the Western allies.

But on a purely quantitative calculation does not take into account quality. Combat characteristics of Soviet fighters, even the newest at that time, was lower than American and British. In the Soviet air force was not strategic bombers “flying fortresses” who have made massive raids on German cities into rubble, at the same time taking an independent and successful combat with fighter aircraft of the Germans, which was mostly better than in the Soviet Union.

Therefore, from the beginning of hostilities, Anglo-American aircraft belonged to the strategic air supremacy over Europe. Below to convince the Soviet high command, his Anglo-American colleagues have demonstrated its air power before Zhukov, who on 10 June 1945, visited with a friendly visit of General Eisenhower in his headquarters in Frankfurt am main. Before a friendly dinner of the Union commanders over the city, which in 1944, the year was almost completely destroyed by allied aircraft, flew 1700 American and British aircraft.

But enough of one air superiority in order to prevent breakthrough of Soviet tanks to the Rhine and the channel tunnel?

Equality in tanks

Obviously, this alone would not be enough. And certainly not all Soviet army could be destroyed from the air to short leg for a short time. But England and the United States was still in the army.

the Number of tanks on both sides were about the same, even a little more from the Western allies. And the Soviet tanks were not better quality. The bulk of the Soviet armored forces were T-34-85, American and English – American tanks “Sherman”. A table comparing their characteristics, we can conclude that the T-34-85 was better, “Sherman”. However, these tanks had to face after the Second World war, the actual battles in Korea and the middle East.

“Sherman” had a comparable T-34-85 armor protection, but the accuracy of aiming and rate of fire the guns better. “Thirty” was carried in the battles with the “Sherman” significantly more losses. However, many military experts believe that the main factor here was the crew training. North Korean tank crews were much inferior in their qualifications American, and Arab – Israeli.

Part of the armored forces of the USSR was the heavy tanks is-2. But at that time the Americans had heavy tank M26 “Pershing” with a comparable booking options and weapons. In addition, part of the “Sherman” by the British mounted a 105-mm gun, and they could successfully act kathe tank destroyers in combat against enemy heavy tanks (German “Tigers”, for example), especially in a defensive battle.

you should Also not forget that the American and British infantry was full of manual anti – tank weapons- rocket-propelled grenade launchers “Bazooka”. With their counterparts – the German “Panzerfaust” and “panzershrek” – Soviet tanks massively encountered in the final stages of the war and suffered from them greater losses. These means of destruction of tanks, the British and Americans were several times more than the Germans.

Finally, after the surrender of Germany the British did not dismiss the latter surrendered, they captured the German connection and saves them with weapons. In the event of a conflict with the USSR, these units of the Wehrmacht would fight on the side of their new allies.

Thus, the Anglo-American ground forces under the control of the air, had every opportunity to thwart the advance of Soviet troops still in Germany.

the Fatigue of the USSR from the war

Not in favor of the Soviet Union played, and other factors. For example, psychological.

Soviet soldiers fought not for the first year, suffered heavy losses and wanted to go home, to rebuild a ruined country. The Western allies began their campaign less than a year ago, suffered a relatively small loss (the U.S. does not suffer from the war), were fresh, vigorous and well-fed. The Soviet soldiers were tied up with the victory over Germany hopes for a return to civilian life, British and American was ready to fight again. A new big war, Soviet soldiers are morally would not survive.

Simultaneously with the beginning of the war with the West would have stopped supplies to the USSR war materials, which eliminated the gaps in Soviet military production. However, in the USSR during the war was taken sufficient supplies. But the end of lend-lease would inevitably impact in a long war.

Lightning defeat of the Anglo-American troops in Western Europe and the breakthrough of Soviet tanks to Atlanticismth ocean in the summer of 1945 would not work. The war would get protracted. And just then, by August, the Americans kept up would the first atomic bomb, which in this case was used not in Japan, and the Soviet Union. Monopoly on nuclear weapons the United States remains, recall, for another four years.

fortunately, none of the then leaders of the victorious powers didn’t want to fight anymore. Mutual mistrust former allies was and the response just in case envisaged. But to start a new war first was not going to none of them.

Yaroslav Butakov

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the Western allies launched the war not for a year to win, as you wrote, a little before 3 September 1939. I’m talking about the UK..

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technically true, but actually in 1943-44-m (aircraft and ships in the 40-m).

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