for The dolphins, who on Monday appeared in the harbor of Harlingen, on Wednesday, the whole day is not given. SOS Dolphin has said they need to make, but also because of the phase, and the breathing of the animal, and were about to get worse.

the animal is not to be overlooked, it can mean that it has been left out of the port, in the province of Friesland took place. “However, it is also possible that the dolphin has died, and sinking in,” says a spokesperson for the foundation.

social Workers from the reception centre and knowledge centre monitoring the situation since Monday. On Monday, they saw the animal running rondzwom, and sometimes it seemed to be hunting, but on Tuesday seemed to be his condition is still getting worse and worse.

“We don’t know if the dolphin has plenty of fish to catch, and, if so, whether it is the right kind.” It is also possible that the herd may be an underlying medical problem and, therefore, in search of food, is lost to us.

in the meantime, SOS Dolphin, hope, hope for a good outcome. So, has anyone on Wednesday as a video of the beast on YouTube. “We do not know whether it is actually good recognized, and so with them a person.” Chase or be fed with dead fish and does not make any sense
If the animal is still alive, and the beaches, the dolphin, take a boat trip to the Sea brought in. Up until that time, we have to wait, because the chase boat-or to be fed up with all the dead fish can’t do it. The animal appears to be unresponsive to the presence of boats, and from a young age, are taught there are no dead fish to eat. “That they can’t, because it is in nature, it can mean that the fish is slightly below that of the members.”

the Interested parties have been strongly calls for the port to come out, because of the corona virus, and the fact that the dolphins will benefit from a rest.