the Compost is very good for the soil in the garden and in containers. By composting, you can also have worms, bet. How do you do it and how useful is it?

“they are not just animals, they are my employees”, he laughs, Kees Huijbregts, who is a full-time, with worms, composteert the Stadswormerij. “They are nice animals, if you ask me. They are sensitive to it. If you suddenly move and take a step, they look at you weird.”

the Worms are very fond of organic waste. “They’re sucking up the micro-organisms of the fruit, and the fruit inside,” says Huijbregts. “And then poop it out. This results in a very nutrient-rich fertilizer. What is more, micro-organisms, the better it is for your garden.”

Or wormencompost the best compostsoort you can use in your garden depends on the purpose of what you’ve got, ” says Emiel Elferink, professor of Sustainable Land management at the university Of van Hall Larenstein university of applied sciences. “Wormencompost is good for fertilizer. There is, indeed, a lot of food due to the feeding of catering waste to be processed. Coarse compost is useful for large areas of land.”

Three-section tower with worms, < / p> For wormencompost, you can be well on a small scale, in a wormenbakken and wormentorens. How does that work? ‘A wormery is an enclosed container where the compost will be uitgeschept,” explains Huijbregts out. “A wormentoren is composed of three parts. The worms start at the bottom and enter them in the garbage has been eaten away up to the top, you’ll have a new waste placed. This will give you small amounts of compost, which you can top-dress.”

Wormenhotels, or towers, can be purchased at some stores, or you can make them yourself. Online videos with tips and tricks.

“the Worms eat half their weight a day.

Kees Huijbregts, it will work with compostwormen

If the worms are not the typical earthworms means, but compostwormen, ” says Huijbregts, “That’s red, moving worms coming to the surface like. Earthworms prefer to get not to the top.” Huijbregts uses the tijgerworm, that is, when the compostwormensoort to hear.

This type can be found in the forest or on the farm, and find out, ” he continues. They can also be used to automatically compost heaps off it. Those who can’t find it, you can purchase them at a wormenkweker.

“If you do it right, you don’t need a new worms, to find and / or buy it,” laughs Huijbregts. “They are hermaphrodite and they meet together regularly in a bucket of hope.”

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as for The worms, you can make the most of the fruit and vegetable peelings, simply enter it in small, bite-size pieces. “Please, not too much,” says Huijbregts. “In a box of 30 by 30 inches should be about a kilogram of worms, and I would have about a half a kilo of solid waste per day. Worms will eat half their weight a day.

As the worms are fond of? “Coffee grounds. Be careful with citrus fruits and garlic, such as onions, leeks, and garlic. Give that to some extent. Do also not eat meat or fish.

the Cooked food is also not good for the worms. “Our food is too salty. And it tends to be mushy, which is harmful to the worms, because they can be a choking hazard. There is plenty of oxygen in the compost heap. Is it too wet? Add a little cardboard, paper or garden waste is increasing. You can also make very good egg cartons to use.”

in addition, tap Huijbregts, that compostwormen not stand up well to frost, can be. “And the eggs that they lay, may have some frost and have to have. If you have a garage, or a shed? Put your wormentoren or a tank in there when it’s freezing.”