Without a livelihood: how to live the mother of Boris Yeltsin after her husband's arrest

Biography 27/01/20 Without a livelihood: how to live the mother of Boris Yeltsin after her husband’s arrest

Many people know that in the 1930-ies the father of Boris Yeltsin was serving a sentence for anti-Soviet agitation. However, not everyone knows how to live without a husband, the mother of the President. All the more so if the future leader of the country is barely 3 years old. Claudia Vasilyevna really had a hard time.

Hereditary seamstress in Kazan

Claudia V. Starygin, the mother of Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, was born ten years before the revolution. The grandfather of the President of Russia was a carpenter and my grandmother a dressmaker: trimmed the entire village district. Klavdia Vasilievna followed in the footsteps of his mother and since childhood learned the same craft. As the authors of the book “Boris Yeltsin: a political metamorphosis,” Vladimir Solovyov and Elena Klepikova, sewing machines became an integral part of the interior of barrack room, and Yeltsin in Kazan where the young couple moved from the Urals: the head of the family Nikolay Ignatievich enlisted for the construction of the Kazan aviation plant.

Many of these episodes from the life of the then future head of the country Klavdiya Yeltsin generously shared with biographers. But about the arrest of her husband she never told. This topic is generally considered in the family taboo. At least so says the author of the book “Boris Yeltsin” Boris Minaev. However, most likely, Klavdia Vasilievna and she knew little. Naina assured that the whole truth about the criminal record of the father opened the Boris Yeltsin in 1992. According to discovered documents, Nikolay Ignatievich was arrested in 1934 on charges of anti-Soviet agitation among the factory workers. The verdict of the Troika Yeltsin Sr. went to places not so remote for 3 years.

someone’s house and logs instead of toys

Perhaps the silence Claudia Vasilyevna Yeltsina was due to the fact that after his arrest the wife she had truly Nellyegco. A woman with a three year old son actually left without a livelihood. Moreover, Yeltsin was thrown out of the factory barracks. In a strange city they were going nowhere: rescued by the good people and the accident. The fact that, according to Rudolf pihoya in his book “Boris Yeltsin”, being in jail Nikolai Ignatievich met doctor Vasily Petrovich Petrov. Petrov regretted relatives of the inmate and agreed with his wife that allowed Claudia V. and little Boris in their home. This fact is confirmed by the records preserved in the book house.

has registered Elizabeth Ivanovna and Vasily Petrovich, Yeltsin settled on the Kazan bakery. As indicated in the publication of Nicholas Zenkovich “The secret family”, Claudia V. was working at the plant chernoruche, and in three shifts. Despite all the efforts of his mother, Boris did not have any toys: instead, he “practiced” with the logs. Once the future President saw the open door of a special Department of the grocery store. Klavdia Yeltsin explained to the son that all he saw is designed for the heads. Then Boris assured her that one day he too will become a chief.

Kindness and cruelty

To the family, Nikolai Ignatievich returned in the autumn of 1936: he was released early for good behavior. For some time Yeltsin-senior lived with his family in the house of Vasily Petrov, as also evidenced by the above mentioned house book. However, according to Alexander Kostin, the author of the book “Conspiracy of Gorbachev and Yeltsin: who was behind the masters of the Kremlin?”, in 1937, Claudius and Nikolai Yeltsin decided to go back to the Urals. Apparently, the home of Claudia V. continued to do what he likes. According to Boris Nikolayevich, mother never refused: to whom dress Pourciau, who is a skirt. And money from customers Yeltsin did not take: if someone something to eat will bring and thanks for that.

in General, Boris Yeltsin claimed that Claudia V. was softcoy and kind woman. The softness and kindness, including in relation to the son, “worsened” during the imprisonment of her husband. Nikolai Ignatievich, on the contrary, during this period hardened. For any offense he thoroughly whipped son with a belt. As the President wrote in his memoirs, “Confessions on a given theme” in moments like Yeltsin was always crying and trying to snatch the child from her husband, shouted: “do Not touch!”. However, Nikolai Ignatievich silently closed the door on her. Apparently, for those 3 years Boris became Claudia Vasilevny especially roads. No wonder the last years of her life she spent in Moscow with my son.

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