Youp van ‘t Hek, one of whom, last week, Thursday it became known that he was a coronavirusbesmetting had been allowed home to further recover. The management confirms that to the from the date of notification of the AD, the comedian has been released from the hospital.

“His most sincere thanks and appreciation to the doctors and the nursing staff of the hospital,” said the statement. “Once again, the request for the Youp, and to his family for the time being, leave her alone, so that he is in his own environment is quiet, it can cure.”

In september of this year, the 66-year-old, On the Fence, and if everything goes well – again, just to get to work.

as of Thursday, confirmed, its management is in discussion with the the comedian is a COVID-19-the virus infection at the hospital were included. The next day I showed the comic to know, “and again on the way back from it.”

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AvatarAuteuryoupvanthekMoment of plaatsen17:26 – march 23, 2020 Van ‘t Hek had previously been with the heart
Of the Fence, which was on the 4th of november of last year with a medical hardship. Then, when he had a show early because he was sick as it was.

The comedian is said to have stated that he was with the show for five minutes and had to pause it and walked away from the stage, at which time he was admitted to the hospital. A few days later, it was announced that he was back home for christmas.

at the End of december 2015, subjected To ‘the Fence is a heavy-duty heart surgery. In the course of 2016, and resumed his performances.