Livios, With no less than three spells in a row in the past two weeks, seriously, chug it, and blow it up. And, according to the klimaatexperts we can over the next few years, with more and hotter summers are expected. With a swimming pool in your backyard is the perfect choice to make it fresh and to keep it. But what kind of budget you will need to provide them?Bouwsite Liviosvroeg, the Madame of the Troostembergh acquiring lpw’s calendered, Polish, Belgian market leader in pre-formed swimming-pools.

in the Past, you had to be at least eur 80,000 to the side, you’re in for a less than one-half of the swim. All prices in this article are inclusive of vat (21%), as is a swimming pool as a luxury product will not be eligible for the reduced rate of vat.

a Monoblock swimming pool: from the 32.900 euro –

There are zijntwee main types of swimming pools. On the one hand, pre-formed containers (monoblock) of the composite. On the other hand, architectural baths, to spot, to be cast in concrete or built of masonry.

“in Our model of 3.20 x 6,85 m costs 22.900 eur, inc. vat). installation, infiltration, kerbstones, and the lighting,” says Madame de Troostembergh. “For that kind of money, you have an instant monobloc, without zwembadrolluik, that is.”As a walk-on blind is according to Guillaume, is a must. “It’s not just a good deal more secure, it also keeps the water temperature at a better level, and it is going to last a lot longer than just a cover.”

it’s that the price of running of it: “Expect a 25% to 30% extra for a pool cover. You’ll get to 50.000 to 55.000 euro for a private swimming pool (4 x 10 m, which is the most popular format in the us. All-in-one in.”

Tip: :you have to Have a building permit required for a swimming pool?

Construction of swimming pools: 45,000

“Construction of swimming pools can be custom-made. As a result, the price differentials are very large. However, you have to count on the prices to be around € 45,000 euros for a basiszwembad. If you want an automatic dosing system for pH and chlorine, then it will be from 2,400 to 3,600 euros.”

Anyone have a pool to build, it saves a lot. “For less than $ 20,000 to build a swimming pool,” says Guillaume. “But, then, you will be responsible for the quality, and you don’t have to rely on the guarantees.”

Tip: :this is the stone you slide to the pool.

Zwemkanaal: from 56.000 euro –

The aesthetic perks, it is zwemkanaalzwembad, whereby the lengths of the swim centre. A long, narrow, model,, very clean, perfect for active swimmers. The ideal measurements are 12 by 3.60 meters, with a straight zijtrap, and the first step on a broader scale has been made to make it easier for you to get in and out action.