Snooker, Luca Brecel (SSC-25), have not been able to qualify for the quarter-finals at the China Championship snookertoernooi (825.000 euro). In Guangzhou, China, he received from the Dutch boss Mark Williams in a 5-1 defeat assigned.

Brecel, who is in the first frame, and won, the triple world champion is in the frame to a lead of 54 points to take. The 24-year-old Person was given an opportunity that seemed to be all framewinst to be moving, but at a 50-break, he missed the green, a ball that him in the frame region. In the frame of three potte Williams, a 78 break to get away for a 3-1-lead.

After the break, it had to be China, a Championship-winner in 2017 with a 54 break, but once again, he allowed himself to be caught making a number of mistakes, where the 44-year-old Williams, the optimum of the beneficiary, and a frame of the lead came. Brecel, who will be the first chance in the sixth frame, which was missing an easy black ball on the spot, and the 22 times that of the rankingtoernooiwinnaar to the finish.

Result of the eighth-finals.
– Mark Williams (Wal/3) – Luca Brecel (Bel)/25) and 5 to 1.
16/52 – 69/50(50) – 89(76)/0 – 68/11 – 69/58(54) – 57/43.