Wilder wanted to shoot. Boxer-the champion has told about the depression

the American heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder, the champion of the world by the world Boxing Council, has shared with journalists their experiences a young age, when his life was very stressful and he even contemplated suicide.

WBC remembered his youth, when he was 19 he worked as a waiter in a diner and never even thought about a career in sport. Future boxer was already married and his first daughter, NAIA was born with spina bifida. According to him, Wilder went through tough times.

“the Most difficult moment for me happened in 2005, I think, when my daughter was born, — quotes the boxer BT Sports. But after a year it got worse – I lost my family, at some point in my lap lay the gun, I was ready to commit suicide. Such thoughts come to mind to anyone who is going through something like depression.”

Wilder should be applauded for talking about this. This takes a ton of character to open up about.

Champion mindset. Don’t give up. Don’t quit.#Mentalhealth #WilderFury2 https://t.co/dh7TXQcMg0

— Nevis (@nevismusic) February 3, 2020

“you sometimes think that the only way to end it all – suicide. You don’t think about anyone else you only think about yourself and about what is happening. Hard to be a 19-year-old kid, whose first child was born with a severe disorder,” said Wilder.