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History 10/01/20 Why Yuri Andropov called themselves “Volga sailor”

according to historian Roy Medvedev, Andropov and all his life wrote poetry. And poetical works of General Secretary was devoted not only his spouse, but also political leaders. So, one of his creations, Andropov was sent by Mao Zedong.

proletarian experience

according to Leonid Mlechin, the author of the book “Leaders of the Komsomol. 100 years of the Komsomol in the biographies of the leaders,” Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov liked to call themselves the Volga sailor. He emphasized his “proletarian past.” In fact, however, Andropov’s hard to call that kind of “sea wolf”. And the workers, too. Due to the fact that the father of the future Secretary General under the tsarist regime served as a Telegraph operator, and his mother and is taught to music (that is, parents Andropov was not outstanding representatives of the working class), Yuri Vladimirovich had to “earn” his working biography.

According to Igor Sinitsin, the author of the book “Andropov close. Memories of the days of the thaw and stagnation,” in the young Soviet Russia was dominated by class approach to education. It was free only to children of workers and peasants. Others had first to master a certain experience in the factories, plants, transport, agriculture, that is to say to join the proletarians. So, after graduating seven years, Yuri Andropov worked as a loader, an assistant projectionist and a Telegraph, like his father, but now already under the Soviet regime. The same year he joined the Communist youth Union.

Volzhskiy sailor

According to Sinitsyna, precisely in order to conceal their social origin, Yuri Andropov moved from Mozdok, where he spent his childhood and youth and where it all knew, in Yaroslavl oblast. When Andropov entered the river College. It was then that Yuri and got acquainted with the profession of a sailor. However, this only happened in practice. By the way, if you believe Oleg Khlobustov, author of the book “Andropov Phenomenon,” something Andropov fell from the deck into the cold October water, resulting in earned chronic kidney disease and was released from service in the red army.

However, the Secretary General always remembered his studies in the Rybinsk technical school with special warmth and, whenever possible, put yourself as a real sailor Volga. As example, the poem written Yuri Andropov, seriously was fond of poetry. According to Alexander Bovin, author of “the twentieth century as life,” one of the poems Andropov was called “the Letter of the Volga boatsman Nicholas Popikov Chairman Mao Zedong”. Why Yuri chose to call it a boatswain?

a Wise teacher

the Answer once again lies in practice, which Yuri Andropov took place, as a cadet of the Rybinsk river College. That’s when fate brought him to a very wise boatswain, who, being a born leader, able to keep in fist the whole team. He has taught Andropov. Yuri loved to repeat the words he heard from the “river of the wolf”: “Life is a wet deck. And, so it does not slip, move slowly. And definitely every time you choose the place where to put the foot”. About this history wrote in his book “Gorbachev. His life and time” and William Taubman.

However, Andropov, of course, no boats were not. Says Roy Medvedev, the author of the book, “Political portraits,” Yuri any day not spent even a marine technician, who studied, and immediately after river College was aimed at Rybinsk shipyard as a Komsomol organizer. Policy even then was for Andropov not only the center but also the meaning of life. So began a recent party career of a cadet Yuri Andropov, in which he often was guided by the advice of the boatswain. 30 years later, Andropov became Chairman of the KGB of the USSR, and at the end of life managed to get in the role of the Secretary-General.

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