Why would the thief in the law of Kukouri ordered the murder of Mikhail Gorbachev

11/02/20 Why the crime kingpin of Kukouri ordered the murder of Mikhail Gorbachev

This is a failed elimination of Mikhail Gorbachev most historians believe the first attempt on the General Secretary. Indeed, the Hitman hired by the Georgian criminal authority of Kukouri, was to eliminate Gorbachev in 1987. However, the KGB and the interior Ministry prevented the mafia to carry out the plan.

the motives of the assassination

according to Nikolay Kozhevnikov in his book “the Feast of the pashas and the poverty of the people. Perestroika Russia,” the coming of Mikhail Gorbachev to power in 1985 marked a major political and economic reforms, the purpose of which was to overcome the stagnation in the country. The most famous were such innovations as the creation of self-sustained organizations and enterprises with the internal control of producers on the use of resources, as well as the anti-alcohol campaign. But if, according to Kozhevnikova, for most reforms, the population reacted with the understanding that dry law caused a sharp rejection.

Perestroika, started by Gorbachev, was a bone in the throat and mafias the Soviet Union. As the authors of the book “Thieves: throw to power” George Podlessky and Andrey tereshonok, the actions of Gorbachev threatened the well-functioning system, where state and economic strata actively cooperated with the criminal clans, whose representatives have implemented a variety is considered scarce goods at black market prices and taking a huge profit. The self-supporting movement was organized in Georgia by the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party of Georgia Calico of Khabeishvili.

a Failed killer

It was then that the Georgian mafia decided to act. According to Alexander Shevyakina, the author of the publication “the KGB against the USSR. 17 moments of betrayal”, a major customer of the elimination of the General Secretary was the thief in the law of Kukouri, and by a Teymuraz Abaixe. Last, the plan was to kill Gorbachev during a festive demonstration. However, the assassination of the head of the country never took place. In may 1987, Amaize was detained in Moscow by the KGB. According to the book of Fedor Razzakov “Behind whose back the President is hiding?”, assassin the KGB was simply released previously by sabotaging his arms. Presumably, the KGB Chairman Viktor Chebrikov did not dare to contact influential mafia.

But officers of Teymuraz Abaixe still arrested. However, after the arrest of Abaixe was short-lived. In 1988, he died in prison. According to Alexander Shevyakin, the killer was poisoned with cadaveric poison in that moment, when he was treated in the prison hospital. The poison was introduced into the body of Abaixe by means of medical syringe. As suggested by Fedor Razzakov, citing the authors of the book “Thieves: throw to power,” perhaps Teymuraz Abaixe removed not Kukouri and its competitors. Perestroika started by Mikhail Gorbachev, allowed to redistribute forces and to remove the “posts” of the previous authorities.

the government and the mafia

as evidence that Kukouri not only was the head of one of the most powerful mafia clans of the Soviet Union, but enjoyed great prestige among the party leadership, we can cite the fact that at his wedding the best man was the first Secretary of the Communist party of Georgia dzhumber Ilich Patiashvili. At least so says Yu. K. Aleksandrov in the publication “Essays on criminal subculture” (human Rights, 2002). It is worth noting that the wedding took place well before Gorbachev’s perestroika and before Patiashvili, took the mentioned presidency. But Kukouri was already the thief in the law.

in connection with the above circumstances Aleksandrov considers totally unfounded allegations modern Communists that corruption in the Soviet Union did not exist. Moreover, according to sotrUnica of the Stavropol territory V. Kaznacheeva, former colleagues of Mikhail Gorbachev, economist Tatiana the Results of which are given in the publication “Brigade is back. The triumph of gangster romance” Fedor Razzakov, mafia blossomed riotous color in Stavropol and in those years, when it hosted Gorbachev. So Koryagina essentially accused Mikhail Gorbachev in connection with the North Caucasus mafia.

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