Why the wife of Yakov Sverdlov kept at home

History 01/01/20 Why the wife of Yakov Sverdlov kept at home “diamond Fund of the Politburo”

Klavdia Novgorodtseva was not only the second wife of the revolutionary Yakov Sverdlov, but also his faithful companion. She is, as claimed by Boris Bazhanov, the former Secretary of Joseph Stalin, Sverdlov, however, like his comrades, was charged with keeping a so-called “diamond Fund of the Politburo.” The choice was not accidental: it was directly linked with the purpose for which these gems were designed.

the Acquaintance and marriage with the “comrade Andrey”

If you believe the author of the book “Sverdlov. The occult roots of the October revolution”, Valery Shambarov, Claudia Timofeevna Novgorodtseva was descended from merchant family. After graduating from high school in his native Yekaterinburg and after working for 3 years as a teacher, she went to St. Petersburg to continue his education. In the Northern capital Novgorodtseva became interested in revolutionary ideas. Returning home, she became an active member of Marxist circles and began teaching in worker schools. By the time of meeting with Yakov Sverdlov Novgorodtseva has managed to enter the Ekaterinburg Committee of the RSDLP and to fall under the investigation of the underground press. Then the members of the Committee agreed that Claudia should leave the Urals.

However, in Yekaterinburg came “comrade Andrey”. As recalled herself Claudia Timofeevna, Sverdlov assured her that will not have to run and that soon the situation will change so that there was no conspiracy is not required. So Klavdiya Novgorodtseva was not only a companion, but the lawful wife Sverdlov, and without any courtship and other sentiments. Due to my husband Novgorodtseva has acquired not only two children, but a good post. In particular, according to Nikolay Zenkovich, the author of the book “Leaders and associates. Surveillance. Slander. Baiting” for a long time Claudia Timofeevna has held the post of head of the Secretariat of the Central Committee, which wasmeant influential and supportive spouse.

the Keeper of the “diamond Fund of the Politburo”

Yakov Sverdlov, however, as his comrades, it’s almost all trusted Claudia Novgorodtseva. Moreover, party members usually met in the apartment Sverdlov. According to Zenkovich, at that time in the kitchen, and most often in the office of the head of the family a small handful of people decided the fate of millions. It is therefore not surprising that the storage of so-called “diamond Fund of the Politburo” instructed truly dedicated party Novgorodtseva. He writes about this in his book “St. Petersburg jewellers of the beginning of XIX-XX centuries. Dynasty the famous masters” and Lilia Kuznetsova. Kuznetsov suggests that gems, who later became the most “fond”, are simply removed from jewelry, confiscated by the Soviet government.

whatever it was, the jewels of the Politburo in 1919-1920 became the head of Klavdiya Sverdlova. It was then, according to Boris Bazhanov, Secretary Joseph Stalin, when because of the military crisis of the power of the Bolsheviks literally hung in the balance, the General State of the diamond Fund was allocated to so-called “Fund of the Politburo.” As argued by Bazhanov, precious stones were necessary for revolutionaries to ensure that in the event of loss of power they could secure a comfortable existence and further activity. About where were hidden reserves, knew only the members of the Politburo.

mystery box and invisible life

However, after a few years the location of the “diamond Fund” became known to all. And all thanks to Boris Baganova, but rather the son of Claudia Novgorodtseva and Yakov Sverdlov Andrew. This story mentions in his book “ANTI-Old people. Why is the story still science” and Piotr Bala. Once, as a teenager, Andrew was interested in the fact that one of the drawers of his Desk mother always locked. When he asked about it Claudia Timofeevna, she replied: “none of your business!”. But Andrew, seizing the moment when Novgorodtsev left the key without PRImatra, opened the box and saw inside a bunch, as he thought, rhinestones. Bazhanov argued that Sverdlov Junior simply could not even admit the thought that precious stones could be real.

meanwhile, Bazhanov wrote in his book “memories of the former Secretary of Stalin”, Klavdiya Novgorodtseva lived and inconspicuous life, but then it never worked. However, Valery Samburov denies this, as he puts it, “the bike” and Bazhanov argues that the Sverdlov’s widow still was the so-called “avslutade”. In particular, she was head of the Department of children’s institutions of the Central Executive Committee, and after the Department of children’s literature and textbooks of the state publishing house. However, Samburov does not deny the fact that Novgorodtseva has always occupied, though senior, but still unobtrusive positions.

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