Why the wife of Khrushchev believed the Ukrainian nationalist

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the Wife of Nikita Khrushchev, Nina remembered by people as a modest woman with a mediocre appearance. Particularly disadvantageous to the Soviet “first lady” looked fine next to Jacqueline Kennedy. However, few people know that the Ukrainian peasant was not as simple as it seemed at first glance. Some researchers believe that it on the initiative of Khrushchev in 1955, freed from the camps of the nationalists-Bandera. Is it so?

Nina from UPA

Nina Petrovna Kukharchuk was born in 1900 in the village Vasyliv, now located in Poland, in Lublin Voivodeship. This East Slavic region called Kholmshchyna Ukrainian nationalists were incorporated into the so-called UPA – extreme Western part of the Ukrainian ethnic area.

Being by birth a peasant, Nina Kukharchuk received a good education and knew several languages (Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, French, English). After the Polish-Soviet war, she for some time occupied an important position in the Central Committee of the Communist party of Eastern Galicia. In 1922, Nina went to study in the USSR, where he became acquainted with a young Communist Nikita Khrushchev. Soon she became his life partner (although the marriage Khrushchev officially registered only in 1965). Eyewitnesses claimed that in everyday life, Nikita could even be called “henpecked”. She Nina Khrushchev in “Widow’s diary” (published in the book by Sergei Khrushchev, “Pensioner Union values”) admitted that before the war “knew about all the plans and experiences” of her husband. It is likely that its influence on the political activities of Khrushchev continued to be significant in subsequent years.

Khrushchev and nationalists

this first “hand” of Nina Petrovna historians see in those matters which related to her countrymen from the Western Ukraine. In lines of the memoirs HRWSeva devoted to Bandera, a sense of respect for them:

“OUN* do not stop to self-destruction in pursuit of their goals.<...> We fought against enemies, not only arrests and the courts, and in explanation of the evils of such a path. At that time the Carpathian mountains for the Communists was practically unavailable. Every rock, behind every Bush could be expected of terrorists.”

Khrushchev’s Arrival to power coincided with the early release of Ukrainian collaborators, under Stalin, was sentenced to 25 years in camps. We are talking about published in 1955 decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council “On the Amnesty of Soviet citizens who collaborated with the invaders during the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945”. Thanks to this Amnesty, returned home 20 thousand active Bandera, around half of whom settled in Lviv.

“it’s possible that this idea came N. With. Khrushchev, through his second wife, Nina Petrovna Kukharchuk,” — said the historian Yevgeny Spitsyn (cited in the “Literary Gazette”). The researcher refers to the fact that from the very beginning of the married life of Nina Petrovna “was to make Nikita “dirigo Ucrania”: from this time he began to drink vodka and to go to embroidery.


the degree of “Ukrainization” Khrushchev seems somewhat exaggerated. The Amnesty of 1955, could be dictated not by sympathy for the Bandera, but primarily by pragmatic considerations of the Soviet leadership. After the great Patriotic war, the GULAG regular “storm” — not least because of the Ukrainian nationalists, who were the instigators of uprisings camp.

as Nina Khrushcheva, then notes that she led after her husband’s death, denies the version that she could sympathize with the nationalists. Yes, Nina loved to watch on TV performances by the Ukrainian ensemble “Slavutich”. However, it closely followed the achievements of culture and other peoples of the USSR, for example, rejoiced in the successes of dancers from RESshares of Central Asia. Nina Khrushcheva was a wide range of reading, and the Ukrainian writers in her notes hardly mentioned. Instead, she quoted Shota Rustaveli, Sergei Yesenin and Samuil Marshak – very uncharacteristic for the “secret nationalist” circle of authors.

* — an organization banned in Russia

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