Why the West believed fighters airborne the most dangerous Russian soldiers

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for many years on the Internet wander quotes from American charters and statements allegedly made by American generals and presidents of the Russian army. Such quotes not only satisfy our natural interest in how the Russian evaluated abroad, but also delight Patriotic feelings. Typically, they expressed admiration for Russian paratroopers primarily by airborne soldiers. Here are the most common: “I would not be surprised if on the second day of the war on the threshold of the White house see guys in vests and blue berets” (Ronald Reagan, U.S. President from 1981 – 1989)
“If I was given a company of Russian paratroopers, I would put on the knees the whole world” (General Armed forces USA Tim hake)
“Captured Russian paratrooper, as in blue, and a black beret, not considered prisoners of war should be shot on the spot”(from the Charter of the U.S. armed forces)
“People Margelov (that is, servants of the airborne forces, which until 1979 was commanded by General of the army of the USSR V. F. Margelov) to take no prisoners and shoot them on the spot, as captive Marines are commandos” (Statute of the USA)

These phrases seem very plausible to us, knowing about the heroism of the airborne forces. However, no evidence of the authenticity of the quotations does not exist. Not specified specific names and numbers of the statutes of the United States army, of whom allegedly borrowed quotes. And such documents there (as in any other major army) there are hundreds. It seems strange that in the official instructions of the United States indicated how to treat prisoners of specific military units of another state, and in this case – contrary to international laws (including the rules of treatment of prisoners).

In fact, the statutes of the United States army (U. S. Military Manuals) contain many instructions for the soldiers, for the use of military equipment and weapons regulations podgottraining of soldiers, relations between ranks and branches of the military, the order of service. But there are no indications that U.S. military personnel are obliged to shot on the spot captured Russian paratroopers in these statutes no.

I Should add that the USA signed and ratified the Geneva Convention relative to the treatment of prisoners of war (1929) in 1932, and the Convention expressly prohibits killing of prisoners and sets the rules for dealing with them, consistent with General principles of humanism. No matter what sorts of troops of the state are prisoners of war – all the rules are the same. Of course, in a real war all these agreements in one way or another is always broken, but not really try to confess the more in advance and in public documents. In General, on closer examination it appears that the above “quote from the Charter” is made up and tell us about the views of Americans about airborne no more than a phrase Batman: “If I were not opposed to the Joker and Mr. freeze, and VDV, I would have failed”.

a True relation of the NATO to airborne shows the case in 1999, when 206 of Russian troops made a forced March to the airport “Slatina” in Kosovo to prevent the bombing of Yugoslavia NATO air force. June 12, the airport was captured and the troops occupied a defensive perimeter. When approached by the British troops, after some provocation they realized that the Russians are serious and if they come up, will shoot to kill and not give up even in hopeless battle. Seeing that Russian threats not to break, the commander of the units of the NATO General Michael Jackson refused the plan of the Americans to attack the Russians and soon surrounded the airport. In the end the matter was resolved peacefully and Russia has achieved its right to influence the situation in Kosovo and to prevent the bombing.

Highly appreciate the Russian army and American research centres advising the Pentagon, for example, the RAND Corporation, made in 2017 an evaluation report of the Russian armed forces. Analysts have described the growth the combat capability of the Russian army and pointed to the particular strength of the airborne forces, which are military “fire brigade”, that is, the elite of the army had shown its status in the battle. According to the Americans, the Russian army stood in the way of intensive technological development and training of war, common in the armies of NATO.

As for the quote about the Marines who is credited not to the statutes of the United States, and Ronald Reagan and General Heikki: it is unknown if they said it. But we know that Reagan, although called the USSR the “evil Empire”, felt great sympathy for the Soviet people and his sense of humor. Reagan was a hobby to collect and tell Soviet jokes. One of his favorite reads:
Late in the evening in Moscow. A lonely man walks down the street. The soldiers shouted him to stop, the pedestrian runs away. Then the soldier shoots at him. The second soldier asks:
– Ladder are you doing this?
– He hasn’t started yet
– I Know. But this is my buddy, I know where he lives. Still do not have time

Konstantin Dmitriev

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