Why the Soviet Union wanted to build supervisees in the Great Patriotic

Weapons 10/01/20 Why the Soviet Union wanted to build supervisees in the Great Patriotic

In 1943 in Samarkand evacuated a group of engineers began work on the project of the unique carrier. Alas, the ambitious development of the Stalinist era remained on paper. Nikita Khrushchev had other views on the functionality of the fleet.

As the historian of the Russian Navy, Andrey Platonov, the project of ultra-modern Soviet aircraft carrier, which developed the conditional senior technician-Lieutenant Kostromitinov, and remained on paper. Imaginable secrecy has long been removed, there are graphics (drawings) plan of the ship. Not only detailed biographical data about the developer of this project, they are impossible to find. Even the name and patronymic are not known, although the labor Kostromitinov written numerous scientific articles, and even books.

at that time the project was revolutionary, groundbreaking. In 1943, the original idea called for employees of the naval Academy, which was evacuated to Samarkand. Scientists (including members of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR) created the perfect plans of an aircraft carrier, given the British and American samples, as well as the pre-war plan of the German “Count Zepellin”.

According to the memoirs of Vice-Admiral of the Navy of the USSR Leonid Goncharov, curator of the thesis “mysterious” Kostromitinov projected a Soviet destroyer had a displacement of more than 50 tons, a maximum speed of over 30 knots. Crew: 16 guns of 152 mm caliber, plus twin and triple gun setup. The plans “conditional Kostromitinov” assumed placement on vehicle large — more than 100 aircraft of the air group, the bulk of which had to be fighters. Developed aircraft carrier had to have a large reserve.

But it was not destined to be.

according to The National Interest (American analyticalthe e-edition for military-political issues, it releases and the printed magazine), this project was not accepted by Nikita Khrushchev, who had the vision of aircraft carriers in the naval fleet of the USSR. Khrushchev his point expressed, it is reflected in the “Project 85”.

But this development also proved futile – everything is limited only to the plans, nothing more.

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