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Biography 03/01/20 pinterest.sonochem the soloist “ABBA” was raised on Nazi “factory children”

In 1982, broke up the world-famous group ABBA. Former members went their separate ways. One of them, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, could even become part of the Swiss Royal family. What she had experienced before live the quiet life? It turns out that her birth was associated with a eugenics project of the Third Reich in the production of purebred Aryans.

the Daughter of a Sergeant of the SS

first, it was the only non Swede in “ABBA”. The roots of Anni-Frid Norwegian-German. Her mother gave birth to a daughter at the age of 19 from a German Sergeant, Alfred Haase. Parents were not married, moreover, in Germany, the Sergeant had a family, but how could that be an obstacle this feeling?

Haase soon transferred to another duty station and it is up to the seventies, did not know that he has a daughter and who she is. Educated by German journalists, Anni-Frid met with the father, but the relationship did not work.

to avoid the condemnation of neighbors, a young Norwegian who’s pregnant with future soloist of ABBA, came to the Norwegian branch of the project “Lebensborn”, where the daughter was born. The first time care of Anni-Frid was more than good: she was born from German in Norway, and the Norwegians belong to the Aryan race. That is Anni-Frid was Aryan all the lines that “Lebensborn” was important.

the Project, translated as “Source of life”, was launched in Germany in 1936 for the production in industrial scale pure-blooded Aryan babies. Fathers was supposed to be underwent further selection by the SS, which guaranteed the quality of genetic material.

“Lebensborn” in any case was not a brothel or brothel — the girls were selected exclusively moral, and sex were not fun, and the generation of Aryans. Participating in the project were recruited, in particular, “League of iteckig girls.” Children grow up under careful medical supervision, well fed and with a certain age were receiving the proper Nazi upbringing. Mothers of the Aryans, the state also did not forget, they lived much better than the average German family. Those who bear a particularly full-blooded Aryans for “Lebensborn”, was awarded the Iron cross, with all the privileges. Fathers don’t carry any responsibility for the offspring, their role was only in the conception. The more that young strong men were needed in the army and the SS.

the program “Lebensborn” in Norway was born about 12 thousand children, and after the expulsion of the Germans they and their mothers were attacked wrath of the Norwegian people. The Norwegians were not distinguished by the struggle with the Wehrmacht and the SS, the country would be conquered in two months: starting in April, finished by 16 June 1940. Was in Norway has its own Nazi party, the ideas of Nazism strongly supported the Nobel prize for literature Knut Hamsun.

Not becoming to resist the armed forces of the Nazis, the Norwegians threw the Berserkers wrath on women and children. The mother of Anni-Frid was smart, despite her young age, and moved with her daughter to her grandmother to Sweden before the beginning of the persecution. But two years later she died — Anni-Frid were not only without a father but without a mother. And the girl has long been not know about its origins as a “gift to Hitler” — the story unearthed the media at the peak of popularity of the band ABBA. Joy in the life of the singer is not added, although her stage the way it is and not say.

the Swiss Princess

Singing of Anni-Frid started at the age of 13. At first it was a Swedish folk song, then covers of American hits. It creates a private group that achieved local success.

Anni-Frid got married at the age of 17, her first husband was the musician Ragnar Fredriksson. The couple had two children — a son and a daughter. After the birth of the Fox-Lotta singer parted with her first husband. Her second lover was in 1969 benny Andersson. In 1971 created AVVA, two members of which becameand Bjorn Ulvaeus and Agnetha Feltskog. When they broke up in 1978, was born sad and poignant ballad “the Winner takes it all” — the only hit in pop music, dedicated to love, and divorce. In 1981, part of Anni-Frid and benny. “ABBA” was disbanded and its members did not agree to reunite, even for $1 billion, which they are rumored to be promised in the 1990s.

Anni-Frid continued his solo career with 1986 lives in Switzerland. Here in 1992, married a longtime friend, a Swiss Prince, with whom lived together for 7 years, and then lost third husband, who died of cancer. And the year before that, the singer’s daughter, Lisa-Lotte, died in a traffic accident.

Princess Anni-Frid Reuss von Plauen officially name former soloist of ABBA, engaged in environmental projects and charities, is friends with the Royal family of Sweden, continuing to live in Switzerland. Anni-Frid looks great, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and doing sports.

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