Why the Nazis made Jews

History 18/01/20 Why the Nazis made Jews “the ideal Aryan soldier”

the Coming to power of the Nazis in Germany was accompanied by the introduction of new harsh laws. The ideology of the Third Reich was built on racial superiority of Germans and the inferiority of the Jewish people — is known as the Nuremberg racial laws. Meanwhile, ironically, one of the soldiers of the Wehrmacht, which became a model for the promotional poster of “the ideal German soldier” was… a Jew.

Serving Germany

Werner Goldberg, like his brother Martin, and did not know that their father is a Jew. He adopted Lutheranism in order to marry a Christian, the house did not support the Jewish traditions and didn’t celebrate holidays. Both boys were baptized a Lutheran. Werner, after graduating from high school in 1935, became an apprentice in the company, which is owned by a Jew and among the employees were Jewish, but Werner thought about the national question, especially because he himself was not a Nazi, although had a classic Aryan looks. She was the cause of his rise to fame.

Goldberg was drafted into the Wehrmacht on 1 December 1938. With him he served his childhood friend, Karl wolf, whose father grew to SS-obergruppenführer. Uncle Werner, mother’s brother, was a notorious Nazi and even refused to communicate with his sister who married a Jew. Perhaps these circumstances also played a role, when the Nazi propaganda began to glorify the exploits of Werner Goldberg, elevating him to the status of “the ideal Aryan soldier”. Well, who would think that surrounded by family and circle of friends by the Nazis, the valiant German Jewish soldier?

Photo by Werner used in the press and on recruiting posters. After the armistice with France in 1940, Goldberg was dismissed from the Wehrmacht in accordance with the decree of Hitler dated April 8, 1940, prohibiting military service the mishlinge (i.e. half-bloods). Other dannym, that Hitler learned that his best soldier was a Jew, made it to the Aryans. Indirect evidence is that, on returning home, Werner was able to save her father from sending to concentration camps and certain death. Actually, the entire family survived only two.

in addition, returning to work in his pre-war company, Werner Goldberg has been a rapid rise up the career ladder, in particular, his responsibilities included negotiating contracts for tailoring of military uniforms. Werner studied at the Labor courses and received a teaching certificate. Among the other four students of eighty. In addition, he has taught these courses for the CEOs and even published an article in industry newsletter. Who would have allowed the rights of the affected half-blood? Moreover, the owners and top management of the factory by the time consisted of true Aryans. In post-war Germany, Werner Goldberg made a good political career.

150 thousand Jews in the Wehrmacht

However, Goldberg was not the only one who probuksovav oiled machine detection and extermination of Jews in Nazi Germany. Researcher Bryan Rigg in 2002 he published the book “Hitler’s Jewish soldiers”, where on the basis of archival documents claimed that the Wehrmacht were at least 150 thousand Jews and mishlinge. Rigg is Professor of history, teaches at the American military University in Virginia. In addition, he is an officer of the U.S. marine corps and a volunteer army of defense of Israel. Theme Bryan Rigg was interested because one of his grandfathers died in Auschwitz, and the second was a soldier of the Wehrmacht.

he Walks the bike, during the Second world war, Hermann Goering in response to the information the Gestapo that one of his subordinates, a Jew, said: “In my headquarters, I decide who is a Jew!”. However, we should not overestimate the moral character of man, declared: “I Have no conscience. My conscience is called Adolf Hitler.”

Konstantin Baranovsky

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