Why the German occupiers called Lyudmila Gurchenko

Another 21/01/20 Why the German occupiers called Lyudmila Gurchenko “Lucy Marlene”

In 1941 the father of Lyudmila Gurchenko went to the front, and the future actress lived with her mother in Kharkov. Soon the city was occupied by the Germans. During the occupation Gurchenko has seen many terrible things. One of the few fun girls in that period was cinema. Thanks to the movie Nazis have nicknamed her “Lucy Marlene”.

“an Actress is!”

the Artistic career of Lyudmila Gurchenko prophesied her father. Writes Catherine Mirenkova in his book “Lyudmila Gurchenko”, sending his wife to the hospital, mark Gavriilovich, not knowing what to do, decided to go to the cinema. And there just spinning some kind of American melodrama, where the main characters name was Alan and Lucy. The last name of Jack and decided to call baby daughter. However, in the registry office a young father advised me to choose a more “normal” name Lyudmila. Subsequently, according to family legend, mark Gavriilovich, looking at her daughter, often cried: “Actress will be! Her whole world will know!”

And indeed from the early years Lyudmila Gurchenko struck others with their talents. According to Lyudmila Markovna presented in the publication of Sophia Benoit “Lyudmila Gurchenko. I’m an actress!”, to sing she had learned even before she could talk. This is not surprising. The fact that parents Gurchenko worked in the Kharkov Philharmonic. Mark Gavriilovich, well played on the accordion, together with his wife Elena Aleksandrovna were often rehearsed at home. Therefore, wife, father, and especially my father, strongly cultivated the artistic abilities of his daughter. When the house came the guests, mark Gavriilovich put Lucy on a stool and asked her to amuse the audience another hit.

German occupation

Happy family life Gurchenko ended with the beginning of the great Patriotic war. Mark Gavriilovich went to the front, and Lucy with his mother remained in Donetsk. Aszvestna, at the end of October 1941 the city was occupied by the Germans. If you believe Nikolai and Marina Svanidze, author of the book “Destruction of Empire. Our history. 1941-1964”, after many years, the father recalled how he attended a demonstration executions performed by Nazis on the Annunciation Bazaar. As claimed by the actress, children especially Germans put forward and literally forced to watch the terrible spectacle. One day, little Lucy, who did not want to watch murder, buried in the belly of the mother. However, a German turned her head to the gallows.

Despite the horrors going on in Kharkov, Lyudmila Gurchenko often visited the local cinema, where at that time showed German paintings. Gurchenko, which before easily remember any of the songs, memorized the hit “Lili Marlene”. If you believe Vladislav Karasevich, the author of the publication “100 famous Kharkiv” once the aspiring actress performed “Lili Marlene” in front of the Nazi soldiers, who at the time was standing at my kitchen in a queue for soldering. The occupants were thrilled. They not only granted the singer a bowl of bean soup, but dubbed by analogy with the song “Lucy Marlene”.

Thirst for luxury

However, in the life of Lyudmila Gurchenko was much associated with the name Marlene. As claimed by the girlfriend Lyudmila Markovna Tatiana Bestaev, in the years of the German occupation real idol was actress Marlene Dietrich, the films which were also shown in the Kharkov theaters. “All these feathers, lace… come out!” – said Bestaev. And indeed Lyudmila Markovna mentioned Marlene Dietrich in his memoirs, “Lucy, stop!”. According to this book, Gurchenko continued to be interested in Dietrich and read about it. Apparently not in vain Lyudmila Gurchenko called the Soviet Marlene Dietrich.

But look, as a German movie star, Gurchenko managed with great difficulty. So, in 1943, wrote Lyudmila Markovna in his book “the Applause,” the mother, together with her aunt celebrated her first during the war dress, feathersthe yeshiva bought at the market the jacket. Instead of buttons Lucy herself adapting to wear bows made out of his father’s tie. Subsequently Gurchenko herself alter domestic dresses, turning them into “foreign” outfits. She could make a hat and even to sew shoes from a Mat or a fashionable coat of the stuff, bought in a thrift store. Although many at the time, and then criticized the father for being too “craving for luxury.”

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