Why the corpse of Hitler's double was brought to Moscow

History 08/01/20 Why the corpse of Hitler’s double was brought to Moscow

As you know, on 30 April 1945 Adolf Hitler committed suicide with his wife Eva Braun, after which their bodies were disfigured beyond recognition by fire. However, on may 4 at the Reich Chancellery building of the soldiers found the corpse of a man, very similar to the German dictator.

“Part of his face was damaged,”

memories of the circumstances of the discovery of Hitler’s double left Mikhail poselsky, the cameraman, the last of the war. As the duty operator in Berlin, he learned that the Reich Chancellery allegedly “discovered Adolf Hitler” — the rumours spread through the city like lightning. When poselsky, together with his colleague Ivan Panov arrived at the scene, he was admitted to the large hall where lay the corpse of the unknown. It turned out that the body a day earlier lifted from the bottom of the dry pool fire. Vice-Admiral of the Third Reich Hans-Erich Voss identified him as the Fuhrer, but was not absolutely sure of the correctness. Came to the Commission for inquiry headed by General Ivan Serov, and the corpse pulled off the blanket. As seen in the frames of the inspection, the face of a man with a distinctive mustache and dark hair aroused a keen interest among those attending the military.

“Part of his face was damaged as a result of a gunshot wound just above the bridge of the nose, causing a broken nose got up and badly swollen. The alleged Hitler was dressed in a black civilian suit in his buttonhole was a ribbon efreytorskaya awards. Hitler had it, proud of it and wore exactly the same” – he described what he saw Mikhail poselsky (cited in publication in the journal “big Brother” from November 2007).

Workers of the Reich Chancellery, called for identification, most of them refused to acknowledge Hitler killed only one of seven people given the uncertain positive answer. The version of the double was confirmed by the medical examiner of the 1st Belorussian front, comparednewsy the shape of the ear of the dead available, with photographs of Hitler in profile. However, to doubt, it was enough to look at the darned socks on the feet of the deceased. It is unlikely that the Fuhrer, even in the difficult days of April, 1945, could be so seedy underwear.

“Restless,” a dead man

Who was killed? According to Poselsky, it would be the senior Valet to Hitler, supposedly very similar to his boss. However, in the last days of the life of the leader of the Third Reich, the position of the Valet when it was played by the SS obersturmbannfuhrer Heinz Linge, who can hardly be confused with Hitler (he was cremated the body of the Fuhrer).

Sources agree on the fact that, most likely, the Russians found the corpse of Gustav Wohler. This man, like Hitler was born in Austria. He worked at the printing plant, while it did not become known to the Gestapo chief Heinrich Muller. The führer took his double to work in the Reich Chancellery as a clerk, and after the attempt on his life in 1944 at times began to send Wohler events instead. Presumably, the DoppelgangeR was killed by one of Hitler’s entourage and thrown in a prominent place, to divert attention from the real corpse of the Fuehrer.

the Posthumous fate of the body discovered was not easy. First on the orders of Stalin they tried to burn on the spot, but in the process of cremation received the opposite order. The corpse was covered with ice and taken to Moscow. Writer Yuriy Krasnoschek, citing a Soviet General, who wished to remain anonymous, reports that the body of “Hitler” brought on a truck in a black box, personally visited Joseph Stalin. When the “father of Nations” was convinced that before him the double, the body was driven away in the direction of the Moscow crematorium. According to another version, the KGB for some time kept him in the basement, and then buried in the yard of the Lefortovo prison.

it is Noteworthy that the shots with the body double when Khrushchev was shown in the composition of the newsreel, followed by the announcer’s phrase “Before You the corpse of Hitler.” The audience was filled tocomentaristas puzzled questions, and then text began to sound different: “you dead “ersatz Hitler.” Not to confuse the Soviet citizens, demonstration of newsreel ceased in a few days.

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