Why the Black sea is the most dangerous body of water in Russia

Nature 26/10/19 Photo: NASAПочему the Black sea – the most dangerous body of water in Russia

if you are Going to rest on the local coast, the Russians usually consider three options: the Azov, Caspian and Black seas. The most popular among tourists is the last. But most of the rest don’t even know what dangers it carries. And it is not only a dangerous overestimation of the salinity of the water body. Black sea water is slightly denser than fresh and easy to stay on the surface without good swimming skills will not work here. In addition, the Black sea – is…

Storage of explosive gases

Environmentalists don’t call the Black sea Dead. Domestic geologist Nikolai Andrusov in the late nineteenth century in his work “On the Black sea” described the unusual structure of this reservoir. The fact that at a depth of 50-100 meters below it lies the hydrogen sulphide “lens” — a layer of water rich in this poisonous gas. Periodically, this cushion is deformed and partially comes to the surface, poisoning all life around.

But a far greater threat is the risk of explosion of hydrogen sulfide. With the increase of gas concentration with time, he could one day EN masse to escape to the surface and explode or catch fire. Geophysicist Alexander Gorodnitsky thinks such a scenario is quite plausible, moreover, that cases of a giant release of gas bubbles repeatedly recorded in 1990-2000s, and in 1927 they observed a fire due to the storm.

Toxic wastes and discharges

unfortunately, in recent years the ecological situation in the Black sea is exacerbated by human activities. It tells the Abkhazian scientist – a geographer, geologist and an environmentalist, Leward Bartsits, the situation is virtually the entire Russian coast of the Black sea today is far from ideal. Plastic, pesticides, phosphorus, heavy metals – all these rich coastal waters of the resort towns, not to mention of intestinal sticks and other “living creatures.”

Environmentalists recommend not just to avoid falling into the mouth of the sea water, but even not to eat of the black sea shellfish and mussels that filter the dirty water, accumulating toxic substances. Vomiting and diarrhea – the least that can threaten the careless tourist.

Poisonous sea creatures

Even in the Black sea and there are no white sharks, poisonous snakes and other toothy or venomous predators, and the dangers here, too. For example, Katran – albeit small, but still a shark. At the event she could seriously bite, but most dangerous is the poison in its spines. It is though not deadly, but the temperature of poisoning and General malaise after an unpleasant meeting with the catamaran you will be provided.

in addition, the sea can meet a jellyfish – Aurelia and kornerot. Their burns are unpleasant, especially if the affected mucous membranes. Also the danger, though not fatal, are of ramp-hvostokol, marine fish, fish-Stargazer and a sea dragon. Encounters with these inhabitants of the black sea should be avoided. Moreover, many of them due to hydrogen sulfide “cushion” rise in surface water and swim in shallow water.

Dangerous surface currents

They are also called pneumatic or tsunami. Every year they take the lives of at least a few people. And it’s all excellent swimmers. But even their skills is sometimes not enough to be saved. The surface current opposite to the incoming wave, generated at the coast. They are very difficult to notice. And also difficult to cope with a powerful stream of water at a speed of 10-13 km/h, which can pick up the swimmer at a depth of 1 meter.

So, despite the apparent security, the Black sea is quite unpleasant pond. And after staying on the coast you may want a week’s sick leave to recover from poisoning, infection or toxic injections. Well, if once accumulated here, the hydrogen sulfide will break out, it will not be good for the whole planet. After all its blast can be comparable with the fall of a huge meteorite.

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