Why the American M16 rifle shoots better than the

Weapons 11/01/20 Why the American M16 rifle shoots better than the “Kalashnikov”

a Kalashnikov rifle, according to most experts, more convenient, simple and reliable to use than the M16. But the American assault rifle compared to the AK has several advantages, which are often overlooked.

the background of the “Kalash” and rifles of the series “M” stretches from the beginning of the sixties. Two legends of small arms repeatedly faced in the confrontation on the field of battle and tested by experts but a clear answer to the question “which is better?” and have not been given. The fact is that the AK-47 and M16 have fundamentally different functions. AK aimed at fighters, not having much experience in handling firearms, the M16 was originally intended for professionals.

When comparing two samples of small arms often gave preference to the Soviet machine. The advantages of the AK is recognized not only domestic but also foreign experts. Blogger and arms expert from the USA with nick cokeman had on its YouTube channel a detailed analysis of two samples, which has revealed many advantages of the AK. In his view, even unfamiliar weapons people can very quickly learn the Kalashnikov and M16 this will not work, as the rifle requires a large amount of settings and adjustments.

the Soviet gunsmiths was first introduced to the M16 in late 1967, when the Soviet Union began to get trophy fish. Specialists immediately identified a number of shortcomings of the M16, most of which was low service durability of weapons it could bring its owner in the most crucial moment. Domestic experts also came to the conclusion that the M16, unlike the AK-47, not suitable for fighting. However, in the Soviet Union appreciated the merits of American weapons: the effectiveness of its firepower, high stopping power and good ergonomics.

Designed by Eugene stoneerom automatic M16 with the many shortcomings possessed an important compared to the “Kalashnikov” dignity is the length of the barrel. In the model of the M16A4, it reached 510 mm, which ensured the rifle better accuracy at greater distances and allowed to shoot long bursts. Stoner, already familiar with the AK-47, consciously went into creating weapons of smaller caliber (5.56 mm vs M16 have 7.62 mm in the AK) to improve accuracy. It is noteworthy that the new “Kalashnikov” of the sample of 1974 has gone the way of the American rifle and got a reduced caliber of 5.45 mm.

the lighter the bullet the M16 has a higher muzzle velocity, than a massive projectile AK (900 m/s vs. 715 m/s). According to experts, the resulting poor ballistics leads to the fact that the AK bullet spends a significant part of the kinetic energy at a distance, so shoot from the Kalashnikov at long distances (over 600 m) is meaningless. It is important that the M16 has a diopter sight, and AK — open. This contributes to the accuracy of American rifles over long distances, but moving targets will be easier to shoot from the Kalashnikov.

due to the smaller caliber the best performance in the M16 in terms of accuracy of fire. According to the gunsmiths, even in comparison with AK-74 the American rifle is more effective in this respect by about 25%. In addition, the accuracy of fire of the AK prevents the domestic ergonomics of the machine, in particular, the displacement of the butt downward relative to the axis of shooting. In other words, such arrangement of the butt allows shooting to get a better aim, but the subsequent bullet due to the barrel lifts up up to send in the same goal will be much harder. A renowned expert on firearms Maxim Popenker not only finds a large number of advantages of the M16, but debunks the myths about the qualities that decided to attribute AK as the benefits to the American sample.

the First thing that casts doubt on Popenker is бὀльшую reliability of the AK in comparison with M16. In his words, the roots of such beliefs in the first game of American automatic rifles that used cartridges that were not originally envisaged for the design of the M16. The second reason for the jamming M16 was improper care of the weapon. Once these problems were resolved, the reliability of the M16 increased dramatically, and today almost as good as domestic AK.

the Following erroneous statement in the opinion of Poincare is the inconvenience in maintenance and care of the M16. The expert says that when a partial disassembly of the M16 is no more complicated than “assault rifles”, but something even more practical, as it can be disassembled into a smaller number of parts.

Confused of Popenker and a strong opinion that the M16 for close combat. The specialist explained that all options American assault rifles provided for mounting a bayonet-knife under the barrel, and, given that the average M16 is noticeably lighter than the AK, in melee it will be more convenient.

the weight of the rifles of the series “M” is often called their main advantage compared to the AK. Even in the new model — the M4 carbine weight 600 g less than the modernized “Kalashnikov” in 2012. This allows NATO soldiers to carry more replacement horns that affects the duration of the battle. Still shorter than the M4 and AK-12. Fighters who have tested both weapons, noted that in a confined space dense urban areas American the carbine Russian machine gun. Experience shows that the stores M4 is not as prone to damage as the AK-12.

experts in the field of small arms indicate a number of qualities on which AK loses to rifles series “M”. For example, when removing the finger from the trigger of Kalashnikov extremely difficult to prevent the release of a few “extra” rounds. And if you put the machine in the mode of single shots, it will lose its basic advantages.

firearms Instructor, officer U.S. air force Dan Sheni, recalls that when he first took an AK-47, it seemed something inkind of weapons “primitive savages” — he was so simple in design. But when a 7.62 mm bullet “Kalashnikov” struck the brickwork, he changed his mind about the machine. Sheni still lists the main shortcomings of the AK compared to the M16, which he managed to detect: the complexity of the adjacency store, no shutter delay, not very convenient sight, short buttstock. However, everything can be done, concluded the American.

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